[ScrewThisNoise][Miconisomi] Summer Heat (夏のサカり) BetterRepack R0.2 Trial

2022-03-04 00:47 UTC
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![BetterRepack R0.2](https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/6664/rsKXqz.png "BetterRepack R0.2") Links: https://dl.betterrepack.com/public/ (You can find direct downloads etc in here) If you want to get notified about new releases, feel free to join my notification discord: https://discord.gg/pSGZ4uz # About this release: This is a upcoming game by creator Miconisomi, not Illusion this time around. I'm very fond of their games, but Miconisomi has been criminally overlooked in the past. I VERY much request that anyone able to do so buy the game upon release. I know I usually make similar requests for Illusion games, but that goes doubly so for this one. Games from Miconisomi feel like got heart put into them, there is a case that such a feeling is missing from the majority of Illusion games. The game is not yet available for preorder, but I'll post the link here when it's available. As for if I'll repack it when it releases... Not decided yet, but it looks very promising, so I just might... ### Changelog: https://betterpaste.me/?9c8fe67443dab39e#DFpikbhsG1bQ2nGGTmLmBjwHMm9jWeiJg8juPpoJvEeB ### Patreon I'd very much appreciate it if you would all think about supporting me on patreon, but keep in mind that I won't paywall my packs, this is just for supporting me making my packs better :) There is currently a direct download option exclusive to patreons, take a peek at [https://www.patreon.com/posts/welcome-to-site-34099224] for more information. ~.~ ![Patreon](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/575260461579108352/576067606566666260/PatreonBanner.png "Patreon") [https://www.patreon.com/BetterRepack/]

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Hope they sell their games in international platform like Steam for more profit to them.
I hope you can edit/hide the protagonist, who wants to play as some balding dude.

screwthisnoise (uploader)

# ragetrain Hiding or making protag seethrough is a normal feature in H games, so I'd place my money on that being a thing here as well >P
I'm confused. So, what can you do in this game? Just customise the characters and do a benchmark test?

screwthisnoise (uploader)

# OtakuGamer11 This is a pre-release trial. Same as with the common fare for Illusion games, the trial is basically the character maker and that's that.
Hey STN. Sorry to hijack this thread for another game, but I've asked this on the posts for the last two HS2 releases and still hoping for an answer. Why are all the bathroom environments such as the western style toilet unable to be selected? Even if I download the 30gb upgrade for the extra maps, they aren't selectable. And even if that's what it took to get them, that's a lot of extra space if I only want to add a few more environments. Any advice?
Whatever happened to this game? Was it cancelled?