[ScrewThisNoise][Illusion] HoneySelect 2 DX (ハニーセレクト2 DX) BetterRepack R4

2021-06-04 00:38 UTC
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96.6 GiB
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![BetterRepack R4](https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img924/5978/lZI3lY.png "BetterRepack R4") Links: https://betterrepack.com/public/ (You can find direct downloads etc in here) If you want to get notified about new releases, feel free to join my notification discord: https://discord.gg/pSGZ4uz ### Changelog: https://betterpaste.me/?64181a81b964f70e#BHyDjXjxupMBvdNxziXdHJcXda7jVEfdQ4nUcReqsg2j ### Patreon I'd very much appreciate it if you would all think about supporting me on patreon, but keep in mind that I won't paywall my packs, this is just for supporting me making my packs better :) There is currently a direct download option exclusive to patreons, take a peek at [https://www.patreon.com/posts/trial-run-only-29049006] for more information. ~.~ ![Patreon](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/575260461579108352/576067606566666260/PatreonBanner.png "Patreon") [https://www.patreon.com/BetterRepack/]

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Whoa... 60gb of sideloader modpack... qwq

screwthisnoise (uploader)

It's getting to the point that uploading the modpack is actively getting in the way of my workflow, so yeah, quite big now >.< Guess I'll need to split up the modpack going forward so that I don't have to upload the whole thing everytime -.-'
I'd still appreciate a torrent version of it. But you could only upload it to the HS2 torrent and point to it on the AI torrent, to avoid uploading twice the same file.
Can we just update using the updater on the game folder or this is different ?
As always thank you for your fantastic work on these.
This version HoneySelect 2 DX what difference from the HoneySelect 2 version can anyone tell me please. And this HoneySelect 2 DX version works on windows 7 64 bit