World's Horniest Housewife - Rikky Horne / Jinrui Saikyou Seiyoku no Yome: Kouguchi Rinko / 人類最強性欲の嫁 工口倫子 [English]

2021-03-19 17:35 UTC
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![Image]( **Title**: Jinrui Saikyou Seiyoku no Yome: Kouguchi Rinko **Original title**: 人類最強性欲の嫁 工口倫子 **Year**: Japan 2019-04-01, English Version 2021-03-19 **Developer**: Laplacian **Publisher**: JAST USA **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Uncensored/No Mosaics** **Description**: In a world of prudes, a single woman makes her husband stand erect against the status quo and face the world with balls of steel. Horne Doug is a normal, limp everyday man with an unfortunate name, but his life is turned upside down when he meets his wife, Horne Rikky. On the surface, she may look like the sweetest of wives, but beneath lies a hungry beast ready to devour her husband's love stick. Will Doug stand firm for the occasion or crumble under the weight of his wife's apple bottom? This is the story of a man finding his own way in a cold, impotent world, wrung out of his shell by the hand of his loving and supportive wife. Will he learn to accept his true, horny nature, or die greasing the pipe? Find out this and more by sticking your meat deep into the universe of the World's Horniest Housewife, Horne Rikky! Source: [JAST USA]( **Important**: 1. No need to install. **!!!** Thanks to BaasB! **Screenshots**: ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image](

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>not NTR it's a christmas miracle
@superelmo By any chance, this isn't NTR, right?
Why'd they change the character names, though? Weird decision to do that.
JAST USA: * Changes character name, thought it would be funny * Players: Whitewashing again, huh
What happened to the 9-Nine episode 4 torrent? :o
@superemo What happened to 9-Nine episode 4? Did it get taken down for some reason?
oh yeah, @superelmo where's the 9-nine ep4 torrent? I was planning to DL it today but it was gone
I guess Superelmo took it down because the original release had a lot of bugs. Once a fully fixed version is available he will probably upload it.
>change name >JAST USA >USA I told you guys this is why americanized will ruin everything they touch and they cannot deliver it
>Rikky Horne what the actual fuck
The family name was Kouguchi(工口)Which has a similar shape to katakana ero (エロ). Maybe JAST USA see the need to translate those pun?