[ScrewThisNoise][Illusion] VR Kanojo (VR カノジョ) BetterRepack R1

2021-01-29 11:24 UTC
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755.9 MiB
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![BetterRepack R1](https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/1957/9vE78y.png "BetterRepack R1") Links: https://dl.betterrepack.com/public/ (You can find direct downloads etc in here) ## Some words first: This game doesn't utilize the "normal" way Illusion stores configurations, as such the launcher requires a lot of rework to get working properly for this game. I will get back to that at a later time to allow for the normal uniform experience, but for now, hold shift while opening the game to reach resolution options, and all other options can be changed ingame. If you want to get notified about new releases, feel free to join my notification discord: https://discord.gg/pSGZ4uz ### Changelog: - Applied Base game (Steam version, includes support for English, Japanese and Chinese. Editable in the ingame settings) - Applied R18 patch (Official) - Applied compression to base game files - Added BepInEx v5.4.5 - Added BepInEx.ConfigurationManager v16.1 - Added BepInEx.MessageCenter v1.1.1 - Added BepInEx.MuteInBackground v1.1 - Added XUnity.AutoTranslator v4.13.0 - Added 0xd4d's dnSpy 6.1.5 (**) - Added enimaroah's SB3U v21.0.3 (**) - Added Horse's ScriptLoader v1.2.4 - Added Keelhauled's GraphicsSettings v1.2.1 - Added Marco's FPS Counter v3.1 - Added Marco's VRK_PlayWithoutVR v1.0 - Added Marco's VRK_UncensorLoader v1.0 ### Patreon I'd very much appreciate it if you would all think about supporting me on patreon, but keep in mind that I won't paywall my packs, this is just for supporting me making my packs better :) There is currently a direct download option exclusive to patreons, take a peek at [https://www.patreon.com/posts/trial-run-only-29049006] for more information. ~.~ ![Patreon](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/575260461579108352/576067606566666260/PatreonBanner.png "Patreon") [https://www.patreon.com/BetterRepack/]

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I cant seem to adjust my camera and height in VR my WMR controllers. Camera movement is on Cant really enjoy it when i cant adjust my camera into a proper position, tried using an xbox controller which didnt work I'm using WMR on steam, is there anyway to fix this?