[ScrewThisNoise][Illusion] Koikatu! / Koikatsu! (コイカツ!) BetterRepack RX8

2020-12-20 05:24 UTC
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31.7 GiB
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![BetterRepack RX8](https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img924/8739/KrSClH.png "BetterRepack RX8") ## This pack includes all available DLC (Preorder extras, Summer/personality expansion, Afterschool expansion and Darkness expansion) ### Translation improvements: This pack includes commissioned translations for the Emotionless and Glamorous personality. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of my supporters, than you so much to everyone supporting me :D More translations to come (^_^) Links: https://ai-syoujyo.com/public/ (You can find updates etc in here) If you want to get notified about new releases, feel free to join my notification discord: https://discord.gg/pSGZ4uz ### Changelog: (*) = Optional mod (**) = Utility Updated in RX8: - Added full translation for Emotionless and Glamorous personality types - Added 01010101lzy's GetTapped v0.2.0 (*) - Added 2155X's StudioAccessoryNames v1.0 - Added Deathweasel's KK_AccessoryClothes v1.0 - Added Deathweasel's KK_Autosave v1.0.1 - Added Deathweasel's KK_EyeControl v1.0 - Added Deathweasel's KK_Profile v1.0.1 - Added Marco's KK_Bulge v1.0.2 - Added Marco's KK_SliderHighlight v2.0 - Added Marco's KK_StudioCameraObjectTweaks v1.0 - Updated BepInEx to v5.4.4 - Updated BepInEx.ConfigurationManager to v16.1 - Updated BepisPlugins to R16.1 - Updated DragAndDrop to v1.2.3 - Updated IllusionFixes to v15.1 - Updated KK_TextResourceRedirector to v1.4.3.1 - Updated KK_RandomNameProvider to v2.0.1 - Updated KoikatsuLauncher to v3.0.0 - Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v4.13.0 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_Colliders to v1.2 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_EyeShaking to v1.2 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_FKIK to v1.1.1 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_InvisibleBody to v1.4 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_MakerDefaults to v1.0.1 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_MaterialEditor to v2.4.1 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_Pushup to v1.3 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_StudioSceneSettings to v1.3 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_Subtitles to v2.2 - Updated Deathweasel's KK_UncensorSelector to v3.11 - Updated Duck Preset Pose Pack to D33P v11 - Updated GeBo's GameDressForSuccess to v1.1.2 - Updated GeBo's TranslationHelper to v1.0 - Updated Keitaro's VNGE to v22.0 (*) - Updated Marco's KK_GamepadSupport to v2.0.2 (*) - Updated Marco's KKABMX to v4.4.1 - Updated Marco's KKAPI to v1.14 - Updated Marco's KKManager to v0.16.0 (**) - Updated Marco's KK_Pregnancy to v2.3.1 - Updated Marco's KK_QuickAccessBox to v2.3 - Updated Marco's KK_SkinEffects to v1.8 - Updated Marco's KK_WarpToCharacters to v1.1.1 - Updated Marco's Koikatu Gameplay Mod to v2.1.1 (*) - Updated Marco's RuntimeUnityEditor to v2.3 - Updated Rau's KK_ExpandMaleMaker to v1.1 ### Patreon I'd very much appreciate it if you would all think about supporting me on patreon, but keep in mind that I won't paywall my packs, this is just for supporting me making my packs better :) There is currently a direct download option exclusive to patreons, take a peek at [https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-patreon-only-34099224] for more information. ~.~ ![Patreon](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/575260461579108352/576067606566666260/PatreonBanner.png "Patreon") [https://www.patreon.com/BetterRepack/] [https://subscribestar.adult/betterrepack]

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Thanks for the more translations, OP
Any word on the trap mod or other trap mods that actually work in the story? Nohomo, of course.
@samthemanhamsam you can attach the floppy cock accessory and only do anal
Thank you for making these packs.
Thank you for this. Last version had some broken stuff for me that reinstalling couldnt fix, this one seems to have done the trick :)
I wonder if there will ever be a Koikatsu 2, like illusion did with HS. Anyways thanks for the packs :)
Yikes I don't think I can get KPlug anymore
I dunno what's going on with this torrent but mine's been stuck at 99.9% for nearly a day and a half now.
@GuyInDogSuit There's 110 seeders right now including me, it's a problem on your end. Maybe recheck it? Reboot?
I dunno what fixed it (I didn't do anything different) but after I posted that comment, it finally finished and I'm seeding it now.
Some Kplug feature it work like Smart Ui or Shotcut list (S) but Pose Selector (U) and some of other is not working. that make me think we cant use Kplug anymore..
basically, unzip those 2 files and im good right? i mean running the game will have all features intended by ScrewThisNoise to run perfectly?
yup.. there is a problem with kplug since Pose Selector won't work anymore. Continous cumshot also won't work
anyway... the best way is to wait for the new public version of kplug to come out..
I wouldn't count on a new version to fix these problems from Katarsys, given his reputation on cooperating...(Info on Discord) I am currently using rx7 with the updated hf patch, used the kplug installer and works fine...Hopes for the future since it feels naked w/o it Merry Christmas btw :)
hi, i have RX7... i have all the optional mods for the scene and base game. my game is around 46gb. is there a process to migrate the scene mods atleast, without redownloading the whole thing.
rx7 works fine with the updated HF patch?
@STN - How do I turn off the pink subtitle text during H-scenes? I never enabled it and it can be distracting and immersion breaking.
Tell me and the male characters should have their shoulders slightly turned to the arch? or is this plugin changes that.
Did anyone get Kplug to work with this?
Does anyone else get horrible performance compared to RX7? H-scenes were always uper smooth sailing at 60 FPS, but now they're suddenly stuck at 20-ish and I don't know why.
Can someone explain how to run the game in english?, it keeps running in japanese, does it have to do with this version?
Do I put the optional folders into same folder as the main .EXE?
For some reason in VR, the actions are very limited. It only shows 1 for each of the 3 categories and only allows for wall or laying down for moving positions. This problem does not show up in the non vr mode and it was not a thing in previous versions. Anyone know the answer on how to solve this?
Ran the update and there is a mod called bleeding edge, anyone know what that is? Google didnt give me the answer.
this game Language is 日本語 ?
How do I save this game? And does anyone know if it's possible to keep the game extracted?
so should i download rx8 or rx7?
Does anyone have a tip for opening the game in VR? I'm trying with my Quest 2 but I only get a black screen and the game sound... :'(
wondering if this is better? https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3220226