[ScrewThisNoise][Illusion] Illusion Uploader RIP R2

2020-10-26 13:18 UTC
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![Illusion Uploader Rip](https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/1024x768q90/923/Hp1lLn.png "Illusion Uploader Rip") ### Illusion Uploader Rip R2 This is everything I have ripped from the official Illusion uploader, so content for their games. These do very little for you unless you have the game it goes with. Instant starter collection (^_^)v New content from this release is in its own archive, so if you're seeding the old torrent, you should be able to pick up just downloading the missing stuff :-) ### This pack contains: AI Shoujo - Cards (+HS2) - Housing - Scenes (+HS2) - Screenshots Artificial Academy 2 - Cards - Textures Emotion Creators - Cards - Maps - Poses - Scenes HoneySelect - Classic and Neo Cards - Classic and Neo Scenes - Screenshots Immoral Ward - Scenes - Screenshots Koikatsu - Cards - Official Illusion Card Packs - Scenes - Screenshots Premium Play Darkness - Scenes - Screenshots RealPlay - Scenes - Screenshots Sexy Beach Premium Resort - Cards - Scenes - Screenshots

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Hey, man, I just wanted to warn you, there's this uploader called Ichinoya who's stealing your shit and reuploading it as their own.
samthemanhamsam don't worry about that fool, the fanbase knows and already flooded his upload with comments. i'm sure STN knows about it

screwthisnoise (uploader)

I actually didn't know that, thanks for the heads up. I don't really mind people creating their own builds based on mine, as long as they: - give credit - don't send people to me for support with the forked pack Seems he has done some weird stuff tho that I can't get to make sense, might download it later for inspection to make sure it's not anything that causes problems. Again do feel free to notify me about stuff like that ?
Any time, dude. Love your uploads and have since the early days of Koikatsu's release. Keep up the hard work!