Kyonyuu Princess Saimin (OVA巨乳プリンセス催眠) 01-02 [2020][720p-HEVC-WEBRip][SEMI-RAW]

2020-05-30 03:29 UTC
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[This patch]( fixes the hardsub AFX title for episode 1 if you downloaded the original torrent from [here]( Going forward I won't be doing AFX for the titles anymore because I've become lazy, so they'll actually be RAW.
Thx man! A very faptastic hentai!
sad.. it was really nice to have HQ stuff from you without having to hunt for subs and muxe them or the worst when u had to time them too..
SakuraCircle has started to wait for my rips instead of use the LQ rips from hikiko123, so new stuff will no longer have subs muxed in. You can either wait for SakuraCircle's release, or download my [edited subs]( that fixes minor grammar issues.
If you dont have the patience to do a full job, then dont bother. It is nice to have these to watch but to send half a gift is no gift at all.
It's not about patience in this situation. SakuraCircle has switched to waiting for THESE RIPS to come out before releasing their English subtitles instead of associate their work with the low quality hikiko123 DVDRips which are leaked early. In the past, I could mux the subs in since SakuraCircle would release their subs muxed with the LQ DVDRip well before the HD WEB version was even available for me to purchase, but now that scenario is no longer viable. Does this make sense as to why I am no longer including the subtitles? I would have to re-make several additional torrents because of this change which adds up considerably. I would have to either constantly remake the torrent, or I could simply link the subtitles in the comments for those that still want the edited version. I chose the later because constantly remaking torrents just for the addition of slightly changed subtitles is ridiculous. It's hilarious how pathetically entitled some of you leechers are. Use your brains and either download the release from SakuraCircle which muxes my rips now, or download the subs I link sometime later in the comments when they are available if you want them. So kindly bugger off and stop posting such inept comments.
AdamEve can piss off. I wish stupid people like you could just be purged from the internet. Finally having new releases in proper quality is a TOTAL gift, and having to click a couple times to get sub files is minuscule compared to that. The subs work just by placing in the same folder. Why bitch?
simply amazing! thanks for sharing!
Sugoi hentai. That old dude was playing on my nerve though.