Kyonyuu Princess Saimin (OVA巨乳プリンセス催眠) 01 [2020][720p-HEVC-WEBRip]

2020-04-05 06:47 UTC
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Thank you. The videos you have done were always with decent video quality. May I ask if you would you consider doing "乳色吐息" without subtitle as well? It is a good anime and I don't think the current one that's done by others have the best video quality(as I have seen better ones but they are subbed)
@EveRamen Great choice. Unfortunately there are no HD Web versions from Mary Jane so it probably won't happen right now.
^This guy gets it. Maybe in the future, but even then BUNNYWALKER has only been putting out their recent stuff in HD.
Sadly resigned to reality at the moment! But I feel like MJ should be the one to push HD most. They generally release anime that pushes the most boundaries, so they ought to be on the progressive side. Hell they call themselves 'Mary Jane'. But with their site looking like that...
The funny thing is that MJ uploaded 4k videos for the character songs of their Lovely h-anime to their [youtube channel](, although they obviously upsized them from a lower hd res. Perhaps they will start offering their stuff in higher res to a digital vendor since quite a few studios have started to, but for whatever reason their web stuff is limited to 400p and takes many months from the DVD releases to go up for sale on digital vendor websites.
They still look much better than doing the upscaling on our end! Thanks for pointing that out, they put those vids up pretty recently so it gives me hope that they're at least playing with the idea.