Josou Kaikyou / 女装海峡 [English Patched]

2019-02-13 21:15 UTC
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![Image]( **Title**: Josou Kaikyou **Original title**: 女装海峡 **Length**: Short (2 - 10 hours) **Year**: Japan 2013-05-31, English Patch 2019-01-22 **Developer**: Nounai Kanojo **Publishers**: Nounai Kanojo **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Translation**: Anonymous on 4chan **Description**: Tajima Yukito needs to collect plant specimens for his research. Asking help from Hibiki. He comes to the island where Hibiki was born, but suddenly a storm causes their ship to crash. They awaken on an unknown island. They find two of Hibiki's friends who had gone missing, Fujikiri Nao and Munakata Meguru. Nao and Meguru say that they are trapped at secret location by the power of God. Possibly because Nao and Meguru did a ritual halfway. It's made it impossible for them to leave without finishing the ritual. According to old tradition in order to finish the ritual Yukito must mate with one of 3 traps, but Yukito is too embarrassed to do it. Now he must do it or they can't leave the island. **Important**: 1. You need to change locale to Japanese. 2. No need to install. 3. Known Issues: - "Sometimes, for whatever reason, close brackets at the end of sentences just don't appear. I don't know why, they appear in the script and in the backlog just fine, but they don't appear in the text boxes." - "The text boxes themselves have a hard 180 character limit for what they can fit in a single line. I did everything I could to fit all of the lines into that, but I may have missed one or two, so they might be slightly cut off at the end. If you do encounter any cut off lines, my apologies, they should show up fine in the backlog." - "There's no wordwrapping. Unfortunately, there's no simple tool or easy method to do it, it would have to be done manually for every single one of the roughly 24,000 lines in the game. In the end, I decided not to do it simply because 1) Adding in wordwrapping would've put way more lines over the 180 character limit, meaning they'd have to be rewritten to fit (making the tl less accurate), and 2)in the amount of time it would've taken me to do I could've translated another vn (albeit a short one). If the lack of wordwrapping bothers anybody, you are more than welcome to fix it and release an update patch, you don't need my permission". 4. Note on Pronouns: - "In the original game script, the three traps are referred by the narration as well-as characters in-story with both male and female pronouns. This has been kept in the translation - where one of the characters was referred to as male in the original, they're referred to as male in the translation, and same for female. So if you see a character referred to as one gender, then later the other, that's how it was in the original." 5. For more info read the "Readme + TL notes" text file. **Screenshots**: ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image](

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omg thank you. did not know this had an english patch.
Caution: they're all dudes.
@Terrich1 so? I dont see any problem here at all. As usual thanks a lot for share it here superelmo!
This is Yaoi (BL) game. Proceed with Caution. do it at your own risk (becoming a person with twisted taste)
Thanks Superelmo!
@exiagundam00 Its not BL if its traps smh
@usamiharu: Trap is a watered-down version of BL. If BL characters are mostly Seinen with handsome smug (there are macho men with muscles, as well as old dude with overflowing masculine pheromones too), Trap ones are mostly skinny dudes with girl faces that targets gamers with bishoujo fetish but have little knowledge on 'hentai' to lead them astray
Art looks good too bad I'm not gay
Yeah, traps are not BL but obviously lolicon! Seriously thou', dat text-wrapping... GG~
> Its not BL if it's traps Lying to oneself is never a good thing. Glad for the comments man, so thankful truly as I was thinking of getting this. I thought the red haired girl was simply a girl dressing up as a guy in some lame reverse trap nonsense but the character profile over at vndb says male, so I was confused as hell. It didn't help as the"spoil me!" button under the "Subject of" there also mentions something only possible with females. WTF? Back to the sane world of vanilla and imoutos I go.


@noZA_ Any good recommendations? It's little hard to find sane people in vn world. Till now i have only played KoiChoco [satsuki <3] and Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete. I just don't want a vn with MC's having those hentai faces without any eyes...
@Terrich1 @exiagundam00 I had a feeling something was fishy with that last screenshot, but thanks for the warnings. Not interested in gay stuff.
@shu Browse superelmo's torrents. There are a lot of great VN's there. He always posts the link for VNDB for more information as well.
@shu I'm not sure if me being into imouto's some would consider sane. Take mpg13's suggestion and see what interests you image-wise and with the vndb link given. You can use the tags over at vndb as well to narrow it down some more. About the MC's being faceless I believe that's done to place yourself there. I don't get why they never made a sensei route for KoiChoco she's best girl this world is truly cruel. If you are into RPG's Evenicle is one I highly recommend (main MC girls are all awesome) For vanilla could check out the Grisaia series, Any KEY games Sharin no Kuni (or wait on official release) Shuffle too much to add For imouto's try Imouto Paradise 1 & 2 / (I warn you tho there's a insane scenario in the loli route of part 1) I'm currently reading Lucy The Eternity She Wished For - Not a fan of the MC tho Maitetsu , [Muv-luv]( may be next or till [Trinoline]( releases. For references:
Thanks for all the comments that say they're dudes, you saved my life, really. xD


@mpg13 yeah, there are many great releases. Downloaded most of em them and keeps checking :D @noZA_ You are right, sensei is totally the best girl. They should have made her route. Thanks, that's really really helpful!!!
Thanks for upload this. You're the best superelmo!
Superelmo can you upload Heart of the Woods for those of us that prefer girls. Lol!
Well, it's art, just make a skinny flat girl with vag, erase the vag, put a d*ck there, and voila, you get a trap. Imoutos (almost basically incest) not really a "sane" one. Thanks for the upload, superelmo. Saw this one posted already on another site.
Thank You, really liked VN. And people, you dont have to be gay in real life to like fictional traps.
Was about to grab it, but no thanks, i prefer to stay straight. Thanks for the upload though.
@Rawmax Nice to see someone who understands.
does anyone know what happened to amayui castle meister translation project? i think i saw some prologue and stuffs patches but haven't heard since. i know that this is not the place to ask such things but i don't know where i can either. also if anyone can recommend games like evenicle i'd really appreciate it. thanks everyone.

superelmo (uploader)

About Amayui Castle Meister translation project: "14th February 2019 Update: We are translated about 50% of all dialog, unfortunately we have no TLC’s but will accept anyone who wants to help with that (proof-reading)." Source: Not exactly like Evenicle, but I recommend Rance games, Beat Blades Haruka, Seinarukana, Tears to Tiara, Utawarerumono, Aselia the Eternal, Yumina the Ethereal and Words Worth.
@superelmo thanks god, i was wondering if they already dropped the project, seems like i can still hope on. and also, i've checked your uploads and found seinarukana so i'll try that one out. seriously though, thanks.
@superelmo thanks for all the uploads!!! Any torrent that contains all the Nekopara in one whole package? Kinda like the steam complete edition? thank you once again
Never have I seen such fragile sexuality than reading through these comments.
Yay English translated VN with trap heroines! It's time to hear some cute moans from girly boys while filling their boypussies with cum (^‿^v)