[lamonae] Cream Lemon 30th Anniversary Special - Episodes 24 + 25

2014-08-15 19:37 UTC
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10th of August 1984. The Los Angeles summer olympics games were running wild, people were listening to the Ghostbusters theme song, or fighting in the Iran-Irak war, in Lebanon, etc. In Japan you could watch on TV some nice anime series like Urusei Yatsura or Dr Slump, go on cinemas to enjoy Nausicaa or Macross: Do You Remember Love, buy on your local adult store the very first OVA of Cream Lemon. These were the good times. :D So yeah, the series is just 30 year old. Back in 2014, [\#lamonae@irc.rizon.net](irc://irc.rizon.net/lamonae) makes a landmark release with not one, but TWO episodes. It also puts a end to the "Shin Cream Lemon" sub-series. Of course we wanted to release on the same day as in 1984, but we go some unexpected delay in the last stages of fansubbing. Sorry for that lol. Anyway what is the lineup? In episode 24 'Etude II: Early Spring Concerto' Yurika's story continue from episode 20, with a bit more adventures as summer also kicks in. The return from a not-so-far relative of her is the main event here. ![Image](http://lamonae.free.fr/lemon/ep24.jpg) Episode 25 'After School XXX' is the second contribution from mangaka Moriyama Tou after 'Fifth Period Venus' (episode 17). Title tells it all. Asuka is getting blackmailed (Moriyama Tou loves that somehow :o) by a masked gang and has to do some 'extra' activities after school is over. She is getting help from the two main girls of 'Fifth Period Venus', but they also want their reward... ![Image](http://lamonae.free.fr/lemon/ep25.jpg) What more to say, if not CELEBRATION!

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