│2D.G.F.│[230901][illgames_0001][ILLGAMES] ハニカム DL版 + 無料衣装データ + 予約特典 [5570MB]

2023-09-01 05:17 UTC
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5.4 GiB
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![img](https://s8d3.turboimg.net/t1/93025139_illgames_0001pl.jpg) ハニカム ブランド / Brand: ILLGAMES 発売日 / Release Date: 2023/09/01 ファイルサイズ / File Size: 5570MB 紹介ページ / Information: [https://dlsoft.dmm.co.jp/detail/illgames_0001/](https://dlsoft.dmm.co.jp/detail/illgames_0001/) 紹介ページ / Information: [https://www.illgames.jp/product/honeycome/](https://www.illgames.jp/product/honeycome/) 紹介ページ / Information: [mikocon.com/bishoujo](https://www.mikocon.com/forum-56-1.html)

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  • illgames_0001
    • [230901][illgames_0001][ILLGAMES] ハニカム DL版 (files).rar (5.3 GiB)
    • [230901][illgames_0001][ILLGAMES] ハニカム 予約特典「リーパーセット」 (files).rar (12.2 MiB)
    • [230901][illgames_0001][ILLGAMES] ハニカム 無料衣装データ「バニーセット」 (files).rar (81.4 MiB)
Offline patch for v1.0.0 + バニーセット : GameAssembly.dll (71,907,328 bytes) @ 00A86F0D : 74 -> EB Offline patch for v1.0.1 (honeycome_update09011700.exe): GameAssembly.dll (71,905,792 bytes) @ 00A86EAD : 74 -> EB
Offline patch for v1.0.2 (honeycome_update0908.exe/..0908diff.exe): GameAssembly.dll (71,910,912 bytes) @ 00A878ED : 74 -> EB
what is that mean ? i have to download those patch separately or something ?
https://www.illgames.jp/product/honeycome/download_update.php Offline patch for v1.0.3 (honeycome_update0915.exe) GameAssembly.dll (72,376,320 bytes) @ 00AB9AFD : 74 -> EB How to apply: update the game, open the .dll file in a hex editor (such as HxD), go to given offset (00AB9AFD), replace 74 at that location with EB. The game will not require internet connection to play and will not attempt to phone home when online after this. Note: do not click Terms of Service, Upload and Download buttons without internet connection (that is, do not use online features); close and restart the game if you did.
Offline patch for v1.0.4 (honeycome_update0929(..0929diff).exe) GameAssembly.dll (72,379,904 bytes) @ 00AB9EED : 74 -> EB Note: do not click Terms of Service button if you're actually offline; close and restart the game if you did (or else Character Creation will not work correctly).
Offline patch for v1.0.5 (honeycome_update1013.exe/...1013diff.exe) GameAssembly.dll (72,392,704 bytes) @ 00ABB9AD : 74 -> EB