[2021.03.27] [tozicode.com] Kanade Rogue-like+ / [tozicode.com] カナデロオグ+発売しました [RJ319424] [v.1.3.2] [JP-EN-CH]

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![alt text](//img.dlsite.jp/modpub/images2/work/doujin/RJ320000/RJ319424_img_main.jpg) Creator's official product: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ319424.html/ (support the dev if you like the game) Descrition (extract from): https://f95zone.to/threads/translation-request-kanade-rogue-like-ver-1-3-tozicode-rj319424.89868/ Gameplay : Dungeon Crawler Style game with Sprite animation and Mid-Combat H (Status Effect such as Parasite). You play as Kanade (I think that's the heroine's name) and run around killing mob, gathering EXP and level up to beat the dungeon boss (Your level resets every dungeon and your base stat depends on tentacles clothes's level), whenever you kill an enemy there's a chance for the enemy to drop a bag and you can use them to level up the tentacle clothes and tweak your base stat. There's multiple costume for the heroine (Currently 3, Melee/Ranged/Underwater). There's also permanent passive that can be obtained by doing certain things (Including negative/H ones) Controls: Standard RPGMaker controls (can move with WASD or arrow keys) "Q" kills you, "R" sends you to title screen, "L" shows your text history, "M" alters the map size, "TAB" changes your form. H Stuff : Inside dungeon, some enemy can grapple you to do H-attacks and inflict various status effect and drain your HP/MP and increase EP. (When the bar below Floor X run out, strong enemy with H attack swarms you as well). There's also CGs for some enemy if you get defeat by specific enemy.

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