[CHAP] Lolita Anime (Wonder Kids) - 03 [480p][Multi-Sub][55A902ED].mkv

2023-02-06 02:16 UTC
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**Another quality release from your friends at the Classic Hentai Archival Project!** Here we have the third installment of the Wonder Kids series titled "Lolita Anime". It was released in July of 1984. Lolita Anime is known for being the first hentai OVA series ever released in Japan. Special thanks to Snark Mark of the Kenny Lauderdale community for lending us his original LaserDisc of the program. We captured it losslessly using a Domesday Duplicator, encoded it very slightly, decimated it to 23.976 fps (which required some remastering of the ED due to the way that effects were applied back in the 1980s). This project was meant to be released back in 2022, but problems with a lack of native translator pushed it back until now. As of now, we'd like to thank Parranoh for bringing aboard **Arpheia**, a native Japanese speaker living in Germany, to help translate for CHAP and CLAP, as well as for providing a German translation for us to use alongside the English script. We QC'd the Incense Idol Subs release as well as provided fresh new translations for all previews on the LD release. There was some censorship applied to the IIS subs, which we have removed (to the delight or chagrin of others) for this special release. We hope you enjoy our first release in three months. **Video sources:** 1984 LaserDisc release (Domesday Duplicator capture) **Audio sources:** 1984 LaserDisc release (Domesday Duplicator PCM capture, with both raw FLAC and AAC 192k encodes for you to choose from for compatibility)

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  • [CHAP] Lolita Anime (Wonder Kids) - 03 [480p][Multi-Sub][55A902ED].mkv (1.5 GiB)