[FreakilyCharming][RJ162718]Teaching Feeling -傷肌少女との生活- v4.0.6

2023-01-14 19:37 UTC
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|![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/Bo3yIlK.png "")|![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/jPYAbE7.png "Teaching Feeling -傷肌少女との生活-")|![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/Bo3yIlK.png "")| ---|:---:|--- |[Patch 4.0.6](https://mega.nz/file/u0lgCDoQ#xnc50Utu814HjfOPxKba9txAuIY4AI3h0hp_S68Gt1c "Update")| |:---:| ### **4.0.0 Changelog** Stolen from https://boards.4chan.org/h/thread/6825838#p7119637 #### System >- Updated TyranoScript to v510h. >- Extensively rewritten the code. Changed the way variables are managed and the structure of image layers. >- Changed the file structure. Shortened the time it takes to start up the game for the first time. >- Added pagination and a delete function to the save and load screens (through the use of plug-ins). Also, increased the number of save slots to 100. >- Changed how the text is displayed in Update History. >- The music has been mastered (adjusted the volume) and re-looped. The music files are now smaller as a side effect. >- Increased the range of words that can be accepted in the say bar. For example, only "Thank you" and "Thank you for everything" used to trigger the "Thank you" command. Now, however, any sentence can be accepted as long as it contains a "thank you". #### Graphics >- Changed the screen ratio to 16:9. Adjusted and changed the UI and the backgrounds in all scenes accordingly. >- Redrawn all pictures of Sylvie in the standing position except the H-scene ones. All clothing images have also been redrawn to support the new features. >- Redrew the doggy style H-scenes ("Forest (standing)", "Kitchen") + all costumes are now supported. >- Significant changes to some costume designs. Added a few more patterns, ties, glasses, etc. >- Added the ability to change the top, bottom, collar, and shoulders of some costumes individually. >- Increased the number of colors for almost all costumes to 21, and added an ability to change up to three colors per each clothing part. >- Added 3 dresses (tight dress top, babydoll, frilly babydoll), 1 new hairpin (skull-shaped), and 5 bikinis. >- Re-implemented some of the costumes and functions that were temporarily disabled. >- Changed how the character name is displayed and the design of the text window. >- Changed the design of dialogs and the "waiting for a click" icon. >- The new design of the mood indicator shows Sylvie's mood even outside the house. #### Features / UI >- Added a setting to skip the entire process of getting to know each other when starting from the beginning. >- Added a setting to customize the lewd language of the text. >- Added many new entries to the status screens. >- Added a field to input furigana for names, and slightly improved the wording whenever these names are used. >- The maximum number of lewd words and the number of options indicating the frequency of their use have been increased; added "semen" to the list of words you can create custom words for. >- The maximum number of items that can be bought at once when shopping for clothes is no longer dependent on the level of affection, but rather on the amount of luggage you currently have. >- Some hair accessories can now be used together with twin tails and side tail. >- You can now change the color of clothes, collars and Sylvie's whole outfit by using one of the predefined sets of three colors. >- You can now change the color of all parts of Sylvie's outfit at once. >- Added predefined outfits to the Closet. >- You can now see the names of your saved outfits & increased the number of outfit slots to 100. >- Changed some of the text in H-scenes to match the new features. Added more sections in the text where lewd words can be used and adjusted their usage frequency. >- The probability of special moods and lewd talk frequency were readjusted. >- Added the ability to apply a different shadow color to each character's text. (Can be turned on/off in the settings.) >- Log design has been changed. >- Re-added blinking and mouth-animation on/off functions. (Although there were voices saying that the game was slow due to these animations, I was skeptical because there were very few such reports and I couldn't confirm the phenomenon, so I postponed the implementation until now.) #### Main H-scene related (I haven't spent much time on balancing yet, so there is a big possibility that the calculation method and specifications will be readjusted). >- The doggy style position is now supported by the "main" H-scene (in addition to the current ones - missionary and reverse cowgirl). >- **You can now lick Sylvie. (Currently, the text is minimal but will be added at a later date).** >- Added support for bras. >- Added new facial expressions. >- New UI. You can now change the room's brightness, wipe Sylvie's body, select actions in the UI, etc. >- Added a function to display parts of the body and possible actions when the cursor is hovered over a button or clickable point. >- The volume of background music and sound effects can be changed in the settings. >- Changed how climax is calculated. Added a climax gauge for each part of the body in addition to the overall climax gauge. >- Re-added the ability to change clothes before the main H-scene. (You can also load your saved outfits now.) >- Fixed several other bugs. >- Temporarily disabled the following features because it was difficult to implement the new features in every part of the game at once. They will be re-implemented at a later date: >- Using the currently worn outfit in the "Nurse" and other event-related H-scenes, but for the doggy position (some conditions for H-events to occur were changed accordingly). >- New illustrations for the longing and "Forest (laying)" H-scenes. >- Aprons and tiny lace underwear.

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Thanks fren. Will hope for a translation soon, but gonna archive this nonetheless!
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When is this game going to end? Jeez. Been waiting since 2017.
When you've played this game so much you don't really need a translation lmao
wait a minute wasn't this v4.0.0? how come this is renamed to v4.0.6 now?