[Yamamoto Doujin] Kame Paradise 3

2023-01-14 12:21 UTC
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if you click the tiny robot on main menu you get a cheat menu in the game by clicking right click. Opens up running speed and teleport any year without going to spaceship except a few stages like year "!?" and 749-B(kame's house) in the ship
Clearing Tower climb (right potion is 3rd from the right) Holy water is used on the excalibur stone sword on kaio planet Camera you get from a guy in the city, on the right. Take pics of bulma showering in the 749 nighttime forest, give the picks to the Kaio old man that appeared from the excalibur and get his earrings give earrings to kefka and the other lesbian in kefka's hot spring for their sex. Cell underlings quest triggers in hell by talking to cell (find them in various places) Saiyan costume pieces you'll find one in Chichi's house/Bulma's capsule house/Vegata's planet have to trigger quest before able to pick them. Trigger might've been talking to gohan/videl in front of chichi's home. Maybe after that talking to bulma in town but idk. Anyways once you have the costume pieces gohan flies off and you can fuck Videl frieza lipstick you steal from the pink ugly bastard in vegeta planet and give it to frieza in hell Listen to all the men that have fucked Bulma's father's wife and he'll give you a remote control to fuck Android 21 in the desert lab. Once you see Pan masturbating in her garden capsule home, another kame appears in town, if you talk with him you switch characters and you go back to the pan room to fuck her. The I? year has majin buu killing you but if you go to kaion planet and steal the dog from mr. Satan, the majin buu in year !? will kill the bad guy instead after that bad guy is dead he appears in hell in front of the Majin door, unlocking that and clearing it is another sex scene After doing everything bad guy appears on kaio planet that's controlling kid majin buu who has been killing kaio gods and you save the woman and fuck her. You are now a god.