The Trials of the Married Inquisitor Keira [ENG][Final][Three Rain]

2022-12-09 01:43 UTC
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![C1]( ![C2]( ![C3]( ![C3]( ### Synopsis: Sphen and Kiera are lovers who are duty bound by their country to fight as inquisitors against the forces of evil. Currently they’re investigating the remnants of a previously destroyed hypnosis cult and found out that one of the members of the disbanded cult had managed to escape to a remote village. They’ve started investigating the village and it’s surroundings but are unaware that the villagers are cooperating with the hypnotist and are working to undermine Keira. If she loses to the demons guarding the dungeon she will become hypnotized and her common sense will be completely altered without her noticing the changes. Will she be able to safely complete her mission or will she end up completely hypnotized by the cult member and villagers? **Published:** 2021-06-11 **Genres:** creampie, mind control, ntr, hypnosis, big tits, big ass, female protagonist, cheating, oral sex, sexual harassment, vaginal sex **Developer:** [Three Rain]( **Translators:** [TechnoParagon]( **Store:** [Dlsite]( **JP Title:** 人妻審問官キーラの試練 ### Mirrors: #### [GOFILE]( | [ANONFILE]( | [WORKUPLOAD]( | [MIXDROP](

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