[RJ415569] Sakura Segment 0.3

2022-11-28 08:22 UTC
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About This Game *IMPORTANT* Single Map / Single Heroine This is a prologue version that implements the basic system of the main game, which is currently under construction. No story part, but casual exploratory action and over 8 Heroine hunts and Costumes each. System Casual action with the ability to switch between overlooking + first person view Switch to First Person View to unlock hidden rooms and gimmicks! It takes only 1 hour of play time to complete the full game! Earn points! Destroy enemies on the small aerial island and earn 3 types of points! The 3 types of points are needed to use skills and to open costumes. Open costumes at the stores scattered around the map! Safe Area There is one heroine in the safe area and you can hunt her! You can select a costume from the bathhouse. You can also use some skills on the heroine to perform special hunts. Hunt Mode Hunt mode is seamless. The type of hunt mode depends on the heroine's position and condition There are more than 8 types of hunt motions, including sneaking up behind her, attacking her to bring her down, binding her, and other skills. The action part can be played with a gamepad (such as an Xbox controller) Play Hint If you get lost at the starting point, try attacking crystals and cracked walls with skills. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ415569.html

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