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2022-11-02 05:39 UTC
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-The story of a witch who has been robbed of everything in a witch hunt and takes revenge- Will Aradia be able to take revenge on the church by repelling the demons and fallen devils that attack in a dark fantasy world? 2D soul-like erotic action! A full-fledged ACT/RPG where you can enjoy a wealth of H-scenes, exploration, battles, growth, and building. 〇 Story Witch Aradia who was robbed of everything in a witch hunt by the church. Will she, who swore her revenge, be able to repel the attacking demons and demons and achieve her revenge? 〇Characteristics ・Dark fantasy world view *There are extreme expressions such as bloodshed and violence in some parts. In addition, there are several types of bloodshed and defects in the R18 scene, but you can switch gore expression on and off with the option. If you turn it off, it will be completely black and invisible. Also, in the case of enemies with gore expressions, the word “FATALYTY” will appear when you are caught and transition to the R18 scene, so I hope you can escape at that time. ・Extensive H-scenes ・Fully-equipped gallery More than 70 H-scenes, including enemies and erotic traps, during the ACT ! There are about 10-20 different animations per enemy, and they switch smoothly automatically. Example: ~Catch … Piston 1 → Piston 2 → Different position … ~ → Ejaculation → After the fact … etc. ・There are also H-scenes and animations that can only be seen in sub-events! ・ There are more than 10 scenes of game over animation that moves smoothly. ・Difficulty change There is an easy mode for those who enjoy only H scenes and those who are not good at action. There is also a hard mode for those who usually play high-difficulty games! ・Multiple sub -ends There are multiple sub-bad endings, but the bad endings are not forced, and if the conditions are met, you can go see them yourself. is. It is also possible to see all the bad endings in the first week. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ405582.html Includes Rei Patcher and partial translation from F95zone (specifically, an edited version of this one: https://f95zone.to/threads/night-of-revenge.35414/post-2967647)

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is there a way to disable the auto translations?
Here's the repo for reipatcher/xunity it also has a list of all the commands: https://github.com/bbepis/XUnity.AutoTranslator#key-mapping You can also disable it via the ini file that's created and turning the translation to FALSE from TRUE.