ASMR Pack02

2022-09-03 08:54 UTC
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6.6 TiB
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pw:heshui ipv6 is recommended

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Holy smokes. My combined storage isn't enough for this
Lemme go get dat external `20Tb` really fast..
For anyone interested, here's everything I could find voiced by 一之瀬りと ...I really wish I could use <details> for this, but here ya go. ``` ASMR Pack01: RJ259172 RJ314193 RJ333531 RJ333789 RJ335377 RJ336607 RJ342062 ASMR Pack02: BJ226102 RJ109094 RJ186834 RJ186330 RJ201321 RJ201574 RJ208310 RJ209498 RJ210165 RJ215467 RJ216893 RJ219607 RJ220032 RJ221281 RJ221370 RJ221713 RJ222755 RJ223460 RJ223782 RJ223886 RJ224036 RJ226017 RJ226625 RJ227275 RJ227420 RJ228841 RJ229264 RJ229733 RJ229994 RJ231390 RJ231720 RJ232458 RJ234571 RJ236212 RJ236801 RJ237824 RJ238003 RJ238302 RJ238854 RJ239461 RJ240066 RJ240322 RJ240570 RJ241003 RJ241156 RJ241176 RJ241298 RJ242279 RJ243841 RJ245416 RJ246717 RJ247502 RJ247935 RJ248008 RJ248264 RJ248353 RJ248878 RJ249464 RJ249656 RJ249687 RJ250377 RJ250515 RJ250558 RJ250905 RJ251271 RJ251301 RJ251376 RJ251624 RJ253173 RJ253827 RJ254660 RJ254958 RJ255174 RJ255863 RJ255937 RJ256083 RJ256591 RJ256949 RJ257400 RJ257887 RJ258028 RJ259152 RJ259276 RJ259523 RJ261464 RJ262212 RJ264035 RJ264268 RJ264316 RJ264406 RJ264496 RJ264521 RJ264575 RJ267807 RJ268296 RJ268723 RJ269214 RJ269283 RJ269638 RJ269909 RJ270248 RJ270580 RJ271587 RJ271994 RJ272849 RJ272962 RJ273594 RJ273919 RJ275134 RJ277473 RJ278379 RJ278956 RJ279158 RJ279311 RJ279972 RJ281481 RJ281842 RJ282605 RJ284947 RJ285381 RJ285384 RJ285781 RJ285878 RJ285960 RJ286303 RJ289422 RJ290083 RJ290716 RJ291548 RJ291813 RJ292587 RJ292959 RJ293342 RJ293412 RJ294391 RJ294578 RJ294602 RJ294755 RJ294970 RJ297701 RJ299008 RJ299326 RJ299370 RJ301717 RJ301858 RJ302013 RJ302070 RJ302614 RJ306556 RJ309467 RJ310466 RJ311033 RJ314429 RJ317919 RJ320740 RJ324820 RJ329361 ``` It's very possible I missed some. And thank you xiaxian, for gifting us this. Any chance for an updated 2024 version of these two asmr packs? <3
みもりあいの: ``` ASMR Pack01: RJ200286 RJ239447 RJ272573 RJ275549 RJ277424 RJ286112 RJ314539 RJ334521 RJ337834 RJ338717 RJ343955 RJ344168 RJ345272 RJ353078 RJ374986 ASMR Pack02: RJ250635 RJ258173 RJ265002 RJ265504 RJ265699 RJ274721 RJ277473 RJ277697 RJ280364 RJ286023 RJ286068 RJ287268 RJ288003 RJ288376 RJ288441 RJ291678 RJ293849 RJ297821 RJ297628 RJ297645 RJ298344 RJ300877 RJ302778 RJ307653 RJ308143 RJ312554 RJ313592 RJ313604 RJ314347 RJ316759 RJ320175 RJ320433 RJ321818 RJ321909 RJ327041 RJ323796 RJ330264 ``` There's also a bunch more in [this other xiaxian torrent]( that's specifically just her works. Listed above are only the ones not included in the other torrent.
Everything with 陽向葵ゅか: [==>HERE<==]( There's like 600 of them, so yeah.
More CVs added: [秋野かえで]( [縁側こより]( [古都ことり]( [森野めぐむ]( [猫野うさぎ]( [そらまめ。]( [結姫うさぎ](