[CHAP] Dream Hunter Rem - 01v2 [Original][039D70B3].mkv

2022-08-02 02:45 UTC
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**Okay, let's run a lap and try this one again. Our REAL first release as the Classic Hentai Archival Project, an off-shoot of the Cream Lemon Archival Project, dedicated to preservation and restoration of classic hentai titles. We felt the need to release a v2 of this one for reasons I will explain below.** Boris, our engineer, was able to build an RF amplifier to help improve the SNR of our VHS recording of the original X-rated version of Dream Hunter Rem from June 1985, six months before it was heavily altered and re-edited for a general release version. Boris also was able to find better software decoding settings for vhs-decode, which we feel is still a big work-in-progress, but it allowed the picture to be much sharper for the purposes of this v2. We also re-edited the entire program from scratch using the best available elements, be it small clips, or entire sections. Per the request of the Brazilian collectors who helped us acquire Cream Lemon tapes these last few years, we have agreed to commit to releasing Cream Lemon and other hentai with both English and Portuguese subtitles. We now have a Portuguese translator, namely **Darkaiser**, who is helping us achieve this task (which is not an easy task) for this release, as well as future releases). Just like before, this CHAP release is censored, as no uncensored sources exist. We still believe the original elements may no longer exist, as the censorship may have been printed onto 35mm (or maybe even 16mm) film for mastering. **Video sources:** 2006 R2 DVD, June 1985 Orange Animation VHS, Orange Video House DVD clip **Audio sources:** June 1985 Orange Animation VHS Hi-Fi track **Subtitles:** English subtitles courtesy of Masurenai (QC'd by elgringo), Portuguese subtitles courtesy of Darkaiser

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  • [CHAP] Dream Hunter Rem - 01v2 [Original][039D70B3].mkv (540.3 MiB)