[CHAP] Dream Hunter Rem - 01 [Uncut][6880CE06].mkv

2022-07-20 22:36 UTC
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**Behold, our first release as the Classic Hentai Archival Project, an offshoot of the Cream Lemon Archival Project. It is our goal to preserve classic hentai in the best available quality from the best captures and elements available to us!** We discovered an original June 1985 VHS copy of the uncut X-rated version of the classic Dream Hunter Rem, which contained a very different edit of the program, along with a completely different audio mix. The mix was so different that we couldn't utilize any of the DVD audio for this release, and instead worked entirely with the Hi-Fi audio from the original VHS. The VHS was captured using a CX card, allowing us to decode the raw waveform coming out of the VCR for optimal quality. If we discover better sources, a v2 of this release is absolutely possible. To create this release, we used an ISO of the 2006 DVD master as our main source, having to re-edit sequences heavily in order to make it fit alongside the VHS version. For explicit shots or shots otherwise not seen in the original cut, we had to source it from the RF capture of the VHS version, which we hope is a somewhat upgrade over the old Masurenai release from almost 10 years ago. Unlike CLAP releases, this release is censored due to the lack of surviving uncensored sources. We're guessing that the mosaic effects were edited and then printed back onto film, so we don't even know if uncensored elements exist anymore. Anyhow, we hope you enjoy this classic release in its X-rated form. **Video sources:** 2006 R2 DVD master, June 1985 uncut Orange Animation VHS **Audio sources:** June 1985 uncut Orange Animation VHS Hi-Fi audio track **Subtitles:** English subtitles courtesy of Masurenai Subs

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  • [CHAP] Dream Hunter Rem - 01 [Uncut][6880CE06].mkv (565.4 MiB)
As usual you guys find the best stuffs. Thanks.
Thank you and great work. Also, who tf is going around censoring hentai made in the 80s.