[220527][鈴木みら乃]コンビニ○○Z 第三話 あなた、ヤンクレママですよね。旦那に万引きがバレていいんですか?(No Watermark).mp4

2022-05-29 10:42 UTC
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[![サンマの塩焼き](https://silverpic.com/i/00050/2f84wknloqlb_t.jpg)](https://silverpic.com/2f84wknloqlb/coz03c.jpg.html) [![サンマの塩焼き](http://imgblaze.net/data_server_new/578/small/small_coz03p.jpg)](http://imgblaze.net/tcezrdblb) pv https://videobin.co/9s0rtz47xwoq

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  • [220527][鈴木みら乃]コンビニ○○Z 第三話 あなた、ヤンクレママですよね。旦那に万引きがバレていいんですか?(No Watermark).mp4 (91.0 MiB)
~ どうもありがとうございます !
For the submitter: Do not enable unlimited number of leechers, because it will kill your banbwidth. 4 torrents simultaneous with 4000 leechers is a cathastrophe and a sign of a missing common sense. For the sistem administrator: Can you finally solve the fake tracker info about the peers? 4torrents, 0 finished,but over 1200 fake seeders appears, it is also a brute ignorance and incompetency....
@martinxk Either you're stupid or you don't know how torrents work. The seeders seed the part they received and not the part not received. If it takes so long, it's probably because Hikiko is bribing her connection. How can send a part not received? So instead of talking shit, shut up and be patient like everyone else.
Now we wait. Be patient.
@kochan: Iam not stupid and after 20 years of handling torrents, i learned somethig useful. Every extra digit on the active leachers list, decimate your upload speed, this is a common sense, and public knowledge. So, if you limit the active number of peers to 10 for each torrent, it will completed within 20 minutes, after the other peers also will upload and the speed exponentially increases. Now who is the stupid? Let's do a simple math: If you have a gigabit net, it is assimmetric, almost 1:10 ratio for up and download, so, for worst case, let count 100 Mbit/sec, there are now more than 25000 leecher, it means in ideal case. As i see, it would be 4 kbps per peer.It means a sheer incompetence and unnecessary comment from you who really do not know how the internet working.
@mega94, 12 years of incompetent use of torrent clien setup will not be an excuse. I have time to dl, i just not tolerate the ignorance.In the last few years i gave some info about client settings to him, it was just ignored, this is i am a bit angry
You know what they say, when you argue with somebody on the Internet you automatically lose.
I don't excuse anything. You aren't being ignored; on my side I am just reacting. As a simple leecher, as long as the torrent is completed, I have no prob with it. I myself get a little angry when I read the same comments for several years, when all I have to do is look at the submitter's history and see that the person is trusted. I thank hikiko for sharing this kind of content, w/ the appropriate risks & consequences.
But it is very simple. Ihave seeded more than 10TB, Posted 6 TB on my own low speed internet. How? With a bit wisdom.Each of my torrents finished within 2 hours-with a very poor upload speed. The settings was not my idea, i got help from other people, how can i reduce the upload time. So against You, i accepted the info and my uploads gone fast, without issues. Tat's i mean, sheer ignorance and disrespect toward the leechers. Simply modify the settings can prevent such comments, and under these long hours (with20% dl rate) it would be already finished and about 2 thousand REAL seeders..Point, end of comments . If you could not understand what i wrote, just stop torrenting....Best for everyone
Now, there are some rules: 1:Never use more than80% of your internet speed, because it will stop your torrent client to share data with the tracker. 2.Do not use more than 5 downloads and 2 uploads same time, it will drastically increases the necessary time. 3.For uploading, according your upload speed, never let it drop under 20% per peer, 4. Maximize 10 peer per torrent, these 10 can get it fast, 10 seeders can provide good speed for100, those 100 for a several thousand, According the filesize(~100MB) 1+1+0.5+0.1 hours total time.Fucking about help ,we suck 12 hours to complete only one 100MB So you can doit this or the other way...
do we really need do discuss how torrents work/should work on a hentai?
"never let it drop under 20% per peer" ; "Maximize 10 peer per torrent" Doesn't the 20% part equal to 5 peers then?
@Wooky Apparently so, since some retards with gay profile pictures can't use them, yet will try to school you using broken English.
@martinxk look, if you really want to watch the movie fast, go buy it and support the industries! hikiko do this for years now, sometimes, there's people like you whining about torrent knowledge blablabla.... and hikiko doesn't give a damn. we should be grateful he still doing this, instead of whining and lecturing about how torrent works! you said you're 20 years of handling torrents (yet i don't see you ever upload anything in here), that means you're at least 35++, a fully fledge adult! so try at least act like one... a proper adult doesn't whine about how piracy works!
What a bunch of morons... arguing about a video file not even 100mb in size. Jesus Christ just queue the damn thing and go on about your life/lives. Go to sleep, go eat, take a walk, go take a shit. Its a weekend/off day. Beggars can't be choosers, if you're not giving it don't complain waiting when you're getting it for free. This is why I won't bother torrenting 1920x1080 60fps h265 versions of hikkikos uploads because of some ungrateful fucks like above. Waste of 23+ hrs for some audiophile idiot complaining that it doesn't meet certain specifications or complaining it takes too long because of my VPN.
girls, calm the fuck down.
That martinxk guy is actually correct. If you limit your seed to a few, those few leechers would finished quicker thus helping seed to the rest of the other leechers and the chain continues. Rather than 1 guy seeds to whole thousands at the same time, that method obove is more efficient.
Seems some peeps don't understand how to fight against leechers, aka seed only in intervals or partially, the rest of peeps are prolly just giving off fake info about being seeders, as normally a seeder would have 100% of the data, but non of them actually exist, besides 1 which you probably will never see, as they prolly just pop in for 1 sec or so, upload tiny bit of data and go off again. So it doesn't matter how to be more efficient, the point is to delay it as much as possible until someone else uploads publicly.
and then there's me who only come a week later when the number of seeds have grown quite a bit it's not like i have to fap to this in the very day it is released