[CLAP] Cream Lemon - 10 [Uncensored][FE893D12].mkv

2022-02-26 01:06 UTC
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**Another quality release from your friends at the Cream Lemon Archival Project!** Welcome back, friends! It's been nearly a year since our last new restoration that isn't a fixup of an old release! This time around, we got something special: it's episode 10, Star Trap, featuring hot Dirty Pair parody yuri! In the last year, we were able to acquire a physical VHS copy of "Sonhos Molhados" that indeed contains Pop Chaser (which doesn't need restoration as the DVD is unedited), and Star Trap! While Star Trap was indeed released in the US in the late-1980s, it was so heavily edited from the original that we set the tape aside, instead using the Brazilian version. Hours were spent masking censored areas and strategically Erojuvinating scenes while masking out original subtitles burned in by Everest Video. Boris, our engineer, losslessly captured the RF signal of this tape using vhs-decode, which allowed us to get the best quality possible from this tape for restoration and encoding. I know I, Tom_Servo, disappeared from the project, and people worried this project would die, but this release is a statement: CLAP won't stop until the full original series is restored and put out for fans to see. Got more coming next month, until then, stay gold. Bang. Special thanks to Boris for the tiring digital restoration! Want to help restore the footage, provide new sources for us to use and restore, or work on the scripts? Join our Discord server! **Video sources**: Japanese LD (WMV), Uncensored Brazilian “Sonhos Molhados” VHS, Japanese WEB-DL to fix certain segments that were corrupted on the LD source we used **Audio sources**: Japanese LD (WMV) **Subtitles**: QC’d lamonae Subtitles (courtesy of elgringo)

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  • [CLAP] Cream Lemon - 10 [Uncensored][FE893D12].mkv (222.7 MiB)
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