[220128][PoRO]エロ医師 清純無垢っつり・綾乃~不純診察中ズリ触診~(No Watermark).mp4

2022-01-29 18:59 UTC
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[![サンマの塩焼き](https://picdollar.com/i/00020/7h405pcwrsqc_t.jpg)](https://picdollar.com/7h405pcwrsqc/eroi01c.jpg.html) [![サンマの塩焼き](https://imgadult.com/upload/small/2022/01/29/61f58d9e64b73.jpg)](https://imgadult.com/img-61f58d9e64b74.html)

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  • [220128][PoRO]エロ医師 清純無垢っつり・綾乃~不純診察中ズリ触診~(No Watermark).mp4 (117.5 MiB)
~ どうもありがとうございます!
Tfw there wont be any seeds in sight up to few days.
i'm more worried about download speeds, it's so slow over here....
Its not slow... its f******g dead...
>slow download 1st time using torrent?
Not realy but its weird it suddenly died halfway.. did the uploader thow a fit and killed it or something?
yeah it just dies at 48.5% [![ThoseWhoKnow](https://emoji.gg/assets/emoji/5500-thosewhoknow.png)](https://emoji.gg/emoji/5500-thosewhoknow)
it's not dead... hikiko123 have a slow internet.... so his torrent would take 6-24 hours to finish. just wait patiently...
I would stop seeding too if the first response to my torrent was some emotionally stunted shithead karen who complains over free stuff
If anyone wants a better version of his uploads you can message here. I don't like using torrents since my ISP is stringent with that sort of thing and my VPN (paid) isn't allowing torrent connections to go through. Either I can upload it using IPFS through brave browser if you have it or you can join my telegram group where I keep all my files as free cloud storage.
@kitueryijty where is your telegram group link? I'm ready to join it
@kinytu just started it few days ago. Running backups since my hdds are making rattling noises, not a good sign any here are some previews of some on low quality 720x480p on suke. https://ibb.co/CzSXjFf @720x480 to 1920x1080p with handbrake +enhanced + other settings https://ibb.co/fkvDMgN
>did the uploader thow a fit and killed it or something? more like 5-6k leecher trying to get one file from a server
@kitueryijty yeah, telegram invite link pls :D
24 hrs to complete download i can live with, but in my case it's taking probably a week or more.
@kitueryijty invite link telegram please and @hikiko123 thanks as always
Thanks for all the "Hentai OVA" you have released this time. nice ^_^