[AvantGarde] Fox Girls Never Play Dirty

2021-11-14 23:37 UTC
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# Fox Girls Never Play Dirty ![alt text][logo] [logo]: https://img202.imagetwist.com/th/44544/acn043k0m9x1.jpg > as im from backwater country, my upload speed is slow so please bear with me. or you can just go for DDL from **link** below | DDL Host | Mexashare | | ----------- |:-------------:| | Part 1 | https://mexa.sh/g6pibp2jk97d/[AvantGard]_Fox_Girls_Never_Play_Dirty.z01.html | | Part 2 | https://mexa.sh/8b2za7u4uh6w/[AvantGard]_Fox_Girls_Never_Play_Dirty.z02.html | | Part 3 | https://mexa.sh/89aqssmslfuy/[AvantGard]_Fox_Girls_Never_Play_Dirty.zip.html | > or you can check link below for alternative DDL link **https://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/hentai-games-38/english-1127896/**

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I love how the tilte of this game changed quite a few times. (english title)
Mexashare is not a safe site to use, uploader should not be using that site as a DDL host. Only about 11% of the torrent is currently available, no peer has 100% yet so this will never finish downloading.

animaksiat (uploader)

as i wrote above, please bear with it.... i don't have fast connection for torrenting. or you can wait for around 8-10 hours before start downloading, pretty sure there'll be plenty seeder at that time and i shall note, that mexa is not good.
It'll probably get better once the torrent starts getting more complete downloads (right now it has zero). At least you're aware Mexa is not good, you have to wait an hour between each part and all of the pop up ads are annoying to deal with plus it forces you to disable adblock.
^ care to explain why mexa isn't good?
@Shyboy I believe it's because this is the official eng version by kagura games
upstairs, I agree but it's funny nonetheless