[lamonae] Cream Lemon - 37 - Return to Black Cat Mansion

2021-10-31 18:59 UTC
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Here comes the bonus episode made for the second LD-Box in 1993 (the complete one). This is also the last anime production of the series for years to come, until the 'New Century' revival attempt made in the 2000s (but not the last episode number for some reason). It's funny for a series rooted in the 80s, to be contemporary to titles like La Blue Girl, Urotsukidoji part III and to be just one year before the Pink Pineapple boom. A sequel to the original Black Cat Mansion episode (part 11), it follows the life of Murakami 30 years after he escaped the mansion and witnessed the patriotic war against evil yankees, the atomic bombings, the turmoils happening during the post-war economic boom (mostly caused by leftists and syndicates according to the recap lol). Now life is all about sport cars, fridges and color televisions! But our protagonist sees a strange announcement on the newspaper and is dragged again inside the dark mansion... Will he discover the secret of eternal life? Or will he just hump all day long the females living there? Will Halloween stop being yet another consumerist event? The episode is interesting not only for its share of scary scenes, but also for the discussions between the sex scenes, it would feel philosophical if it was not a justification for the endless amount of sex :) Anyway enjoy the last-but-one classic release (wooo!) of the only zombie team on the fansub world! ![](http://lamonae.free.fr/lemon/ep37.jpg)

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Thank you According to myanimelist website, there is 38 episodes.... So we still will have one more episode and this will be over !! https://myanimelist.net/anime/3239/Cream_Lemon
Thanks for this! So, are there plans to release the "Cream Lemon Special: Dark", released June 25, 1987? I believe that's the last episode of the original's 38 episodes that has yet to be subbed.
Nice, one more to go!