Lost Life v1.42

2021-10-07 11:41 UTC
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281.4 MiB
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![Look at site](https://image.prntscr.com/image/Qt0Z945dSEyF4TC7bkc-dg.png )

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  • Lost Life v1.42.rar (281.4 MiB)
Can anyone confirm this is legit? Edit: Given the lack of seeds I'm guessing not.
Ran this on virustotal and only got two hits. I think general consensus is that's usually just false positives. But it is an anonymous upload so I can see why anyone would hesitate. I'm not an expert but this is probably fine.
Anonymous upload on a loli meme game, i think you should stay apart if you dont know how to manage an infected PC. it already got 2 positives, it could be false positives, but only take the risk when the uploader is not a random anon.
few red flags on virus total means nothing, always check the behavior tab if you're really concerned with any unknown applications. ive compared the exe to the last three releases, 1.42 - 1.41a - 1.41 - 1.40 there are no major differences in TCP connections (IP Traffic), registry keys, file actions, etc. as far as i can tell it's clean. exe files are obviously the higher risk, but swf files can have potential security problems as well, albeit very uncommon. the only flash attacks ive ever heard of was link injecting, where the swf would open your browser up to a malicious website. but im not a cyber security expert, so take my word with a grain of salt.
If anyone wants to take my word for it, I can vouch it's safe too. Played it for a bit, monitored for anything fishy and I'd say it's legit. So far nothing's popped up that would imply otherwise. It's a damn amazing game if I might add, I've never heard of it before this.
Thanks. ATF recently banned posting new versions of this on the creator's request, and that's where I used to get my links, so I'm glad this is here. Is there a changelog though?