『girlcelly』 [210924] [アトリエかぐや Honky-Tonk Pumpkin] HOMESTAY a la mode [Crack]

2021-09-24 13:27 UTC
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hey, the game will not open for some reason… I already ran the setup, i have directx, i have japanese locale, i added the cracked “Start” file to the folder, but when I run the application it just doesn’t open (loading cursor… then nothing). I’ve even tried restarting, downloading the DMM player, and even tried using VPN for Japanese IP. I’ve tried everything.
Might wanna mention more details about what folders you're putting where and which files you're trying to run the game with - for many titles with launchers I often see people trying to put cracks there instead of in the folder of the actual game exe, or try to launch the game with the launcher instead. That said, until you can get help from someone more tech savvy - assuming you're doing everything correctly - you could try downloading the package version and see if that works any better for you.
@Minaro I even tried running the trial version from DMM, still does not open. I also tried disabling antivirus. Is there any way I can see what's happening when I try to open the "Start" application but after a while it stops trying? Like I want to see command lines of what the computer is trying but failing to do. For your folders inquiry: I first tried putting the crack in the "HOMESTAY" folder after I ran the setup. That didn't work so I tried putting the crack file in the "Data" folder before I ran the setup, still nothing. I've tried both versions from both torrents.
I can see why you'd run into trouble - personally I had to work around it too. Not sure if you can run it without installing it, but even as someone that runs on a Japanese locale I had to use Locale Emulator to run it - same for Nee Nee Nee by Bare & Bunny, so it might be a recent Atelier Kaguya thing. There have been titles in the past that I need to swap to a JP timezone to run - notably all titles by Hadashi Shoujo, but also some others. It may be possible I could run this without Locale Emulator by turning even more settings to JP standards, but given that I've got Locale Emulator I'm not gonna bother. For your case, I'd do it all; Start by installing the game, put the crack in the same folder as the original exe once it has finished installing, make sure you have a JP locale set for non-unicode programs AND run it with Locale Emulator. In the case that you normally have really long folder paths (like totalling 150+ letters), try installing it into a shorter path. Let me know how it works for you. As a reference, when I tried running it without Locale Emulator it didn't do anything when trying to launch it - you'd see a momentary hint of it trying to launch by the computer doing the brief standard reaction when you launch something, but nothing actually happens after that.
@Minaro Yeah it works now, thanks a lot. The locale emulator did it for me. Man I tried so many things and I didn't think of this one. It's just so many games are fine with just having Japanese locale I forgot the emulator still existed honestly. Again thanks a lot, I appreciate it.
Yeah, it didn't occur to me before just now that you never mentioned trying locale emulator in your original post. And yeah, nearly all games are fine with just JP Locale, and for the few I've run into in the past that weren't they all worked after setting my timezone to JP. I did run into a very small number of titles in the past I couldn't run, which is why I downloaded an emulator - I just didn't expect to run into that problem with newer titles. Technically there was also one that I had problems with for which I used ntlea or w/e it's called, but that one ran fine, it just had a weird font issue I couldn't fix without it. Anyway, good to hear it worked. If nothing else it'll probably remind you to try locale emulator next time something doesn't run :P