Noratoto Restoration Patch (Partial 2) [C121B4AC].7z

2021-09-23 10:10 UTC
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![Yuuki]( Partial 2 update: -Yuuki's Hscene translations were implemented. MEGA mirror: The current patch is intended to be used for the current Steam version of Noratoto. Please support HARUKAZE! Usage: Unzip the archive (using 7zip) and copy the two folders and the files inside the folder you've installed Noratoto. This is how your installation folder should look like: To uninstall the patch, just delete said files/folders or move them out to an outside folder. The saves created at the original content should work while any save taken at the new content will be broken. What is included now: -20 Hscenes previously cut were integrated to the story, along with smaller text sections before and after them. -Only some scenes are translated for the time being, however the original Japanese text is still available if you select the appropriate language setting. -CGs and character sprites are restored to their original forms. No white light rays and fog anymore! -The new CGs appear in the ILLUSTRATIONS menu as you encounter them in game. -A brand new MEMORIES tab containing the Hscenes you've unlocked. Known Issues: -Backlog is partially broken for Hscenes. We're thinking of a solution, including restoring jump functionality. -Missing Lines from the non-H script. Again, we're thinking on a way to restore them. Example: -Bug in some scripts. At times, the engine will load the previous script over the current scene. *Fixed for Yuuki's route, fix for all routes coming next patch. -It's recommended to set English as the main language and Japanese as the sub language. If only English is set as the main language, then a few untranslated choices will have no captions. -Remember to save occasionally, the game is poorly optimized and tends to be unstable. -Project updates will be randomly posted in the Fuwanovel forum thread of the project. Stay tuned! If you find a reproducible bug, you can post in the same topic. Please attach a savefile so we can take a look at it.

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  • Noratoto Restoration Patch (Partial 2) [C121B4AC].7z (450.2 MiB)
Thank you for your work
you guys are the real mvp