[lamonae] Cream Lemon - 36 - Blue Nature - Angie & Rose

2021-07-18 18:02 UTC
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*O Canada, we stand on guard for thee* What the Fairy Dust executives had in mind for setting their first new episode production withing two years in Canada? Because it's the only country where maple syrup flows on the streets and where french and english speaking people can stand each other? Maybe they were inspired by another national symbol, the beaver, which is also a slang for female private parts :P In this episode made as a 'bonus' of the first Laserdisc box, our inexperienced ('blue' as used in Japan for 'green') hero is going to learn about life there in all aspects, from fishing in the countryside to getting "intimate" with a relative while hiding from a heavy rain! Hint: the episode sub-title tells on who is going to score with him :). It's really a family affair, even the dog takes part on the fun, so be warned for incest and animal scenes. For the real anime freaks, the voice actress of Angie (Kotono Mitsuishi) is a celebrity. She had major roles in regular animation, to name the most famous, Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon), Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion), Excel, Mireille Bouquet (Noir), Juri Arisugawa (Utena), and last but not least, Ebichu! So it's funny to hear her 'pant' voice for a change. Enjoy the holidays if you can, as I said once before, we will see the light out of the tunnel (applies to the whole world, as much as to our team lol). The last bits of the classic series will come soon hopefully :D ![](http://lamonae.free.fr/lemon/ep36.jpg)

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i hope there will eventually be more cream lemon aeound the world blogposts. the first one was fantastic!!!