『girlcelly』 [210706][210618] [Shiravune] Suzukuri Dungeon Karin in the Mountain [Japanese/English/Chinese]

2021-07-05 17:25 UTC
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![Cover](https://iwtf1.caching.ovh/to/that/2021/07/06/karin9643116cab367ff6.jpg) Information | Link :------------: | :-------------: Official Site | https://www.johren.games/games/download/sudukurikarinchan-en-zh/ Anime-Sharing Forum | http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/torrents-47/japanese-1092475/ File Host | Download Links :------------: | :-------------: Katfile | [Part1](https://katfile.com/xxs1esn5mwvm/Dungeon_Karin.part1.rar.html) [Part2](https://katfile.com/c18kaztcxxpm/Dungeon_Karin.part2.rar.html) [Part3](https://katfile.com/fxi1zsba6viv/Dungeon_Karin.part3.rar.html) [Part4](https://katfile.com/1itib7mv5ywq/Dungeon_Karin.part4.rar.html) [Part5](https://katfile.com/no7nlvx7nrey/Dungeon_Karin.part5.rar.html) Rapidgator | [Part1](https://rapidgator.net/file/1282e0d40e10043166d15bc4c44d8506/Dungeon_Karin.part1.rar.html) [Part2](https://rapidgator.net/file/973487b84011b7d1fddc7235d62f7dcf/Dungeon_Karin.part2.rar.html) [Part3](https://rapidgator.net/file/dcd77cb9c9f7489530f035cda9bd30a0/Dungeon_Karin.part3.rar.html) [Part4](https://rapidgator.net/file/d5d8624948d9e28fedb4cbcff82b76af/Dungeon_Karin.part4.rar.html) [Part5](https://rapidgator.net/file/8c94ebbc6991b2a62e5cb8d1328d6a3f/Dungeon_Karin.part5.rar.html) Uploaded | [Part1](http://ul.to/p4n9l9gl) [Part2](http://ul.to/yek9mnzw) [Part3](http://ul.to/w26098du) [Part4](http://ul.to/8azbzcft) [Part5](http://ul.to/h4vlkhe2) Mexashare | [Part1](https://mexa.sh/flfh5ty8x6cb/Dungeon_Karin.part1.rar.html) [Part2](https://mexa.sh/do6v1190wie3/Dungeon_Karin.part2.rar.html) [Part3](https://mexa.sh/2k8skwe2z17s/Dungeon_Karin.part3.rar.html) [Part4](https://mexa.sh/vo4dibeqyj2h/Dungeon_Karin.part4.rar.html) [Part5](https://mexa.sh/u86xvoqhgyvz/Dungeon_Karin.part5.rar.html) >Um...If you ever consider buy Premium Account, you can use my Rapidgator Referral Link(http://rapidgator.net/account/registration/ref/24215) or Uploaded(http://ul.to/ref/2494415). I am really appreciated for your support~ >Um...Many thank to 图书馆的贤者 for sharing this Cracked Version~ ^_^ >Hm...Okay, let me make things clear since people comment a lot. There are many kind of protection in the past such as: AlphaRom, StarForce, DRM or lately Denuvo. Those method prevent people from playing free. By cracking, it mean you must coding, find exploit to crack original exe file and make it playable without activation code. I think almost people happened to use Crack once or twice, it is not something new. From what I know, Denuvo protection is strong and harder to Crack. That is why Cracks often got deleted if your Antivirus is running because the way it act as virus. As you can see, I am Uploader, not Cracker. That mean, I can not guarantee if Crack file is "safe" to use. But I do choose to getting file from most reliable sources to lower the risk. And what you expect from sharing site with Crack to be safe ??? It never safe unless you bought it. Else, you take the risk and it is unavoidable. You can always run games under Virtual Machine, it is most effective way out there~

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  • [210706][210618] [Shiravune] Suzukuri Dungeon Karin in the Mountain
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    • H-Game uploaded by baka girlcelly - NemuAndHaruka.txt (60 Bytes)
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    • Logo.vfs (1021.0 KiB)
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    • NemuAndHaruka.png (1.3 MiB)
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    • girlcelly@[Anime-sharing.com].txt (60 Bytes)
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First time I got a virus alert with "『girlcelly』" I'm a little suspicious for this one now :/
@Kamixu - "the game is protected by Denuvo. After cracking, anti-virus software (or Defender) will recognize the .exe file as a trojan, which is a false positive"
Game just crashes whenever I try to launch it.
@mayonaka707- oh ok I didn't know that, thanks for your answer
Hopefully it’s false because when you look up the Trojan it’s a ransomware encryption. The weird thing is that the details show it deleting performance counters and terminating window error reporting… that is strange also… not even sure what deleting performance counters accomplishes. Typically they show up as lesser malware and more like PUPs, but than again Denuvo is getting so invasive that it acts as malware itself so maybe why it's identifying so badly.
@mushroomnoob in Ags5.ini change Language from Type = 2 to Type = 1 and it will launch (Windows 7).
@Rawmax Didn't work here (Windows 10)
Those who cannot start game. try running exe file with administrator
Works great and no issues with bitdefender, thanks for sharing
Well, this is the crack from f95 which supposedly is a virus (which I personally don't doubt, too many to be merely false positive): https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0c2bfb4baf2b32f9b44cf5200b7a8889ddd7145e09140567147ce27e8af501f0/detection This is the report from this torrent (still quite dubious, again, 10 positives like with S§S would be 'normal', not twice or thrice of that) https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/507d34ff6799086a21807d956ea00596f1c82f15afcae09ec3ec0460107ece8a/detection I'm not even going to try the torrent from a new user
on one hand i trust girlcelly, but on the other all those flags are really suspicious.
still is not working... i did this Language from Type = 2 to Type = 1 and running exe file with administrator. Win 10
Please stop the finger pointing, this is how we lost superelmo, and I don't want to lose gricelly too.
@Ranzepam At this point I think they are doing it on purpose.
I dunno if I'm being spoken of but im not pointing any fingers, im just saying theres alot of flags for one of the files, i'm uneasy using the torrent. I dont think girlcelly would do anything malicious. but with so many flags of course im hesitant.
When you're a pirate you take a risk, not complaining whether its legit or not lol go buy the game properly if you're so scared about viruses etc or honestly go play this kind of game in your very old laptop etc
I'm not using Virus Total but the full fledged Bitdefender + paid VPN on my system and so far no issues. These flags on Virus Total happens from time to time with some cracks but that doesn't mean they are malicious. It's just that depending on how the DRM and crack works it'll raise a few more false positives than others. As said above there is always a risk when pirating but i'm willing to take the chances with trusted uploaders like girlcelly and superelmo (which sadly has gone MIA). Honestly if you're still hesitant you should just use a separate machine for piracy or quit pirating altogether.
is not working in w10 or someting? i try to run the game but noting seems to work...
Anyways working no problem, @Rawmax thanks also for the tip since Language Change not working through the game, the game seems to work also in Win 10 but will try to play for few minutes if i encounter any crashes, @Yahiro75 It does work if you run it in Administrator, if your language still haven't change try to save the Ags5.ini you just tried to modify in different folder etc then replace/overwrite the file in the game folder.
after like 20 tries i get a error that say someting about save file unable to generate
@Yahiro75 Really haven't encountered that problem atm currently even playing and restarted the game so many times no problem, try to recheck the file i guess? since your antivirus might automatically deleting some files etc and put in exception first the game folder.
well maybe i'll do tomorrow i'm a little tired, ty for you concern
gonna wait for a week while playing other games or smth i usually dont care about false positive since i know crack is usually read as virus but 30 is a bit sus
Is funny because i disable the wole anti virus and windows defender and still not work for me. (before that i put the file in the exception list)
Thanks for the game. It's running so fine on my win 10, and my Kaspersky doesn't alert anything as well. But it seems that I don't have the right font for dialogues.
did someone already figured how to play it in english?, coz in the language option when i choose English the game resets but nothing changes
You dumb noobs stop playing any games at all from this site and posting your stupid comments on nyaa because you're inept and desperate to play games. Every crack has to do something in order to bypass the locking technology for retards like some of you are in order to play the game. Play it in a Virtual Box if you're so paranoid but then again you may not even know how to set one up. @SakuraKoi gricelly is not a new user idiot. They've been here longer than superelmo has been and has been trusted for a very long time. It's one thing to be suspicious on users with no trusted status but do you think trusted users would jeopardize their status to infect folks with viruses and malware? Use your brain, if you have one that is and always take precautions by first seeing is it's actually false positive and wanting second opinions before posting false accusations. Also don't take Virus Total being accurate. Use it to get one of many deductions if it's false positive or not. And like another user said above you always will take a risk when doing this, however, the majority of times the files are safe from trusted users. Some non-trusted like myself (under anon) post games that are clean too on this site. @Yahiro75 Is the game in full ascii characters? Have you tried moving the files? What about seeing if you have any files checked as "read only" under properties?. Are you seeding the game? Stop it if you are if playing as some users get that issue and turn it on once done. Do a integrity file check on the (force check or something) torrent. Do you have the game under Japanese locale? I dunno what else.
^ Based. Unfortunately, most of these peasants don't understand a lick of assembly so all they can do is rely on their totally reliable anti-virus software to tell them what's a virus and what's not.
Does anybody know the secret codes? Are they in english or japanese? In the extra options
just chiming in here. while it's nice to be skeptical every now and then from trusted uploads, users should also direct the same intensity of skepticism to their anti-virus, windows defender, or whatever it is you're using as a safety blanket to feel comfy in your pc. just to emphasize, they're NOT infallible and they CAN wrongly mark legitimate and safe .exe as "virus". an easy and recent example of this would be those touhou games on steam. they're marked as unsafe by tons of anti-virus and even windows defender persistently deletes the .exe upon creation from steam. i'm pretty sure ZUN wouldn't allow trojan on his mikos. now as to why antiviruses don't like this release, it has already been explained as early as two posts in from @mayonaka707. this game originally has denuvo because it's from everybody's punching bag johren/dmm . denuvo works by phoning home every now and then, and that's how they make sure you copy is legit. the crack does something funky with this, and antiviruses throw a hissy fit over it. that's basically all there is to it and if you're smarter than me (which is like probably almost everybody else) then you'll get it. thinking about it, everybody should be more scared of the original release than the cracked version because of denuvo's potential to gather telemetry from the user. if you really have your tin foil hat on, just block it with your firewall and that should be good enough. or do as @warui said and play your eroge on VMs. also this is out of topic, but does anyone have tips on running eroge on VM? i tried playing a bunch about two months back and i can't seem to get good performance. there was noticeable input delay and the cursor was lagging. i was using hyper-v with a win10 iso on 16gb of allotted ram.
@velvet-kiss: You didn't specify if you're on Linux, Mac or Windows. On Linux, you have QEMU, KVM, VFIO (see the subreddit), Intel's GVT-g, Looking Glass, etc. On Mac, Parallels. I haven't done much VMing on Windows beyond VirtualBox, but it seems that QEMU runs on Windows as well, but I never tried it personally. You may wish to try out other VM software on Windows such as VMware Workstation until you find something that works; maybe their virtual graphics solution is fast enough for your needs. You've got enough RAM to allocate 16 GB alone to a VM so I'm guessing you've got a really good machine.
@Denpa sorry if i wasn't clear. i'm on win10 pro and running win10 home through hyper-v. i used hyper-v because i thought that it would give me the best performance, since it's pre-installed and native to windows. to be honest, maybe the its performance isn't inherently bad; maybe i just didn't fool around with the settings hard enough. thanks for the suggestions though, i might try them out later.
I honestly hope you fuckers lose girlcelly too, going on a piracy site complaining about every little thing your puny anti-virus detects.
Those disproportionate rude comments to quite valid concerns sure make one wonder if someone (not necessarily gricelly, unlikely to be gricelly even) is elaborately 'chilling' actual malware by provoking otherwise reasonable users to 'dare'. Of course, it is rather likely that those are trolls who want to show their dominance... to strangers... by telling them to waste their time on becoming a malware master (because the self-proclaimed 'masters' can not be trusted, oh the irony~). Seriously, 10-20% detection is common for false positives, not ~50% and rising (mind you, it was ~20/70 when I first posted it), not telling others that they are using it at their own risk would be disingenuous. I'm by the by curious why my personal choice, malwarebytes, detects one but not the other but alas since I will likely only get rude answer, I'll just imagine that the way the cracks work are just so different.
Your concerns were already addressed. If you're that paranoid about viruses, run it in a virtual machine or find some other method of sandboxing. If you're not willing to do that, then just don't play the game or wait for someone else to release their version of it. When you make a claim, the burden is on you to provide adequate evidence that what you're saying is actually true. So far, you have provided zero evidence that this torrent contains malware. Feel free to prove us wrong.
Thanks, was really hoping for this title and was bummed that it had denuvo, but it came through!
For anyone having trouble running exe after making exception in anti virus, move game folder to c:\ directory, and run as admin. For everyone crying about virus total results, there are two things you need to get trough your thick skulls: 1. Denuvo is almost identical to a piece of malware in the way it acts, so the AI virus scanners will definitely detect a modified denuvo exe without its proper signature! 2. There are many investors that pay the very same company's telling you a crack is a virus that the crack is a virus! If you are scared of infection [or don't know how to prevent infection by secluding it in a VM], don't play cracked games! Thanks girlcelly, I really appreciate this upload and the other English uploads you have posted lately!! Please know that there are people who are grateful for your generosity!!
@SakuraKoi there has been instances of confirmed false positives even if VirusTotal returns more than 30+ hits. though, i do agree with you that +50% on VirusTotal should warrant further probing into just for peace of mind. if there were comments that you found rude, just overlook them for now. it's just that you raised the issue at a bad time, with superelmo's going MIA being headcanon-ed to him being pissed at the random "does teh warez have veerus? thx" from his latest upload. it also doesn't help that a lot of users hastily comment "does xxx have virus/is xxx safe to install/xxx windows defender" without doing any proper research on their own, and being appeased once some rando just replies that it's safe. i checked, and at least the .exe doesn't seem to connect to any networks on the surface. resmon and task manager seems to be all quiet on it, and running the .exe through hybrid-analysis seems to at least show the same. it's flagged as "malicious" primarily because it interferes with system APIs (which I assume is the crack doing its job and defusing denuvo) and because plenty of AV says so. the .exe also shows some "suspicious" flags as well, but some of them can easily be linked to denuvo just being denuvo, with their gathering of system information and VM-detection. denuvo behaves a lot like malware after all, and denuvo cracks being false-positive shows up a lot. i just want to give others a peace of mind when playing this game so overall, my opinion is that this release is safe due to what i said above and because this is from gircelly, a long time trusted uploader. thanks girlcelly, i never actually thanked you before this for your uploads. also, never knew this was a spin-off shin koihime musou. i'll probably pass on it because i'm still waiting for the english patch for that one.
Tbh i had similar issues with games from Guilty since they use a crack that also gives a ton of false positive results.And as others said girlcelly is one of the oldest trusted members why would she/he(idk the sex lmao) risk it?
Windows 10 crash fix: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/514897933536329765/867583724198428692/1302916_Ags5.rar Put the .dll inside the game and replace. If the game start in other language than English, open Ags5.ini and at button of the text change [Language] Type = 2 from 2 to 1, the game will boot in English. You will receive a message at booting, but ignore it, the game will run and save fine.
@BlackScience IT WORKS! Ty so much
Wait I am confused. I don't see any exe to run the game. Am I missing something? How do I start it?
@experta You must be new (I hope). Yes, you are missing something. Tell your anti-virus program to stop deleting the .exe file. Go into the program and see if you can still retrieve the file and making it an exemption and that the file is a false positive. If that isn't working turn off your anti-virus program. If you don't wanna do that run it in a Virtual Box. If you don't wanna do that either you're on your own.
i dont think that girlcelly would quit just over these fuckers complaining about false-positve on nyaa he/she's more active on anime-sharing and this guy have been there since forever, or as long as i can remember (for those who still remember ero-jiji, we were really excited to see him/her using that site, rip ero-jiji, you'll always be my gateway into eroges and shits)
warui That worked, thanks. I was confused because my anti virus never even warned me it did anything to begin with. Weird.
Realize this is a little old, but for anyone who is curious, amount of flags means absolutely nothing. nearly all of those hits in the virus scans are generic heuristics. this means that they are simply fishy, which is to be expected. considering that it IS cracked. I am not saying this is a safe file, merely that take the results of virus total with a grain of salt.