『girlcelly』 [210630] [Shiravune] Study § Steady [Japanese/English/Chinese] [Crack]

2021-07-04 08:26 UTC
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![Cover](https://i.want.tf/to/that/2019/09/27/81JlmsVWzfL._SL1458_4c0f008ecfd29637.jpg) Information | Link :------------: | :-------------: Official Site | https://www.johren.games/games/download/sutadhisutedhi-en-zh/ Anime-Sharing Forum | http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/torrents-47/japanese-1092053/ File Host | Download Links :------------: | :-------------: Katfile | [Part1](https://katfile.com/tyewm2yd4hi1/StudySteady.part1.rar.html) [Part2](https://katfile.com/wa1nilz4dlyx/StudySteady.part2.rar.html) [Part3](https://katfile.com/tgnwfrxxioh7/StudySteady.part3.rar.html) [Part4](https://katfile.com/q5t6ofbgqvri/StudySteady.part4.rar.html) [Part5](https://katfile.com/7g77timxphn2/StudySteady.part5.rar.html) [Part6](https://katfile.com/t3w1l1fd0tfi/StudySteady.part6.rar.html) Rapidgator | [Part1](https://rapidgator.net/file/0c5db56151b2aa1933c17dc68650b87b/StudySteady.part1.rar.html) [Part2](https://rapidgator.net/file/e9f26f8c66044bc8eda77dac73b6134c/StudySteady.part2.rar.html) [Part3](https://rapidgator.net/file/e7c004b410b449ee7d2d95d898c800e6/StudySteady.part3.rar.html) [Part4](https://rapidgator.net/file/d5edcceff122d0b3d5efe8676b6a5f10/StudySteady.part4.rar.html) [Part5](https://rapidgator.net/file/eb4574f44c9cc5ededa37eaa86eba9f4/StudySteady.part5.rar.html) [Part6](https://rapidgator.net/file/59f0104b005383c9e0d3aa801cc89f8c/StudySteady.part6.rar.html) Uploaded | [Part1](http://ul.to/ddsmdw5n) [Part2](http://ul.to/rsrunocj) [Part3](http://ul.to/81n8czk3) [Part4](http://ul.to/ra6c6tc9) [Part5](http://ul.to/2hct6uby) [Part6](http://ul.to/j5utws7d) Mexashare | [Part1](https://mexa.sh/xqd8w1a9ulne/StudySteady.part1.rar.html) [Part2](https://mexa.sh/q4icdrjl6uw4/StudySteady.part2.rar.html) [Part3](https://mexa.sh/3jkd8l11co1g/StudySteady.part3.rar.html) [Part4](https://mexa.sh/ldrt4fwdbk7s/StudySteady.part4.rar.html) [Part5](https://mexa.sh/uyqw5wmp5jyr/StudySteady.part5.rar.html) [Part6](https://mexa.sh/w9sm9kqb7h50/StudySteady.part6.rar.html) Crack V2 | [Katfile](https://katfile.com/pmzgj06xoud0/Steady_V2.rar.html) [Rapidgator](https://rapidgator.net/file/25b314f478c0a6f1c1683da37385cb3f/Steady_V2.rar.html) [Uploaded](http://ul.to/cj7fxcb5) [Mexashare](https://mexa.sh/8qzelc9fez7t/Steady_V2.rar.html) >Um...If you ever consider buy Premium Account, you can use my Rapidgator Referral Link(http://rapidgator.net/account/registration/ref/24215) or Uploaded(http://ul.to/ref/2494415). I am really appreciated for your support~ >Hm...I planned to let file uncompress but it is total 10GB that way... >Um...Many thank to zdfx for making Crack~ ^_^

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  • [210630] [Shiravune] Study § Steady
    • (18禁ゲーム) [210630] [Shiravune] Study § Steady.rar (4.5 GiB)
    • H-Game uploaded by baka girlcelly - NemuAndHaruka.txt (60 Bytes)
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    • girlcelly@[Anime-sharing.com].txt (60 Bytes)
Hello thanks for the crack, is it normal for my anti virus to detect a virus on the .exe file ? thank you
Guess I'll eat a dick
@TeaToasterBaginns why lol
@chadsomenezz upload to https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ , so WE can check 😏
wait was this for real? i was despairing and thou this was uncrackable since it was using denuvo? could anyone confim?
@chadsomenezz because literally yesterday I said this will never get cracked lmao
got 2 virus signitures
don't worry, if it is clean, it won't taste that bad. I personally consider lots of alcohol far less palatable hence why you are likely to see me, if I drink at all, only fruity/sweet wine or excellent whisk(e)y (but not much of the latter one mind you). seriously though, I'm kinda saddened that the Dungeon Game has less priority, if some priority at all especially in comparison to Moe/Charage #5871. Not that I dislike Marmalade but, welp... anyway, we don't need the pre-installed version of every piece especially if it is much smaller packed (imho 2/3rd of the original size suffices to pack it instead) but if it turns out to be a x64-bit installer, I hope it is understandable when some of us (or just me) asks. On the upside, I might get an old-new PC next weekend, that is far less old because 32-bit is seriously annoying. Edit: VirusTotal of the .exe (5/67) https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/12c6eb4357b49b8095c60fa96d72843fb3bd7adb3aa765e7ba6d95ee1f26c587/detection of the .dll (nothing detected) https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6df795950315fa4cc9ef83523c3f944ab0f76a3e251cbd9ca5b1e11e36cfd376/detection
no anti virus trouble for me. thanks for upload and crack. Edit: actually all the backgrounds are black for me
Does anyone have framerate issues when there are animated sprites on screen? Especially when there are more than one. Normally I wouldn't mind but it's very jarring even for a VN. This is definitely not due to the specs of my computer. Edit: Also the first choice in destination I can only choose between the Pet store and arcade. Choosing anything else selects the arcade instead...
game is jank as fuck. if you overwrite the patch1 and patch2 files with the jap version, the choice issues go away - https://easyupload.io/lr5q58
The choice issue went away after I ran the game with japanese locale. Lol. I'll see if the patch fixes any performance issues. Thanks!
I wonder if i can have some hope for Suzukuri Karin-chan then
does patch fixes performance iissues?
So not 5 minutes into the game it self terminated and in the folder I saw the crack .exe just delete itself. i have never seen that happen. What was that? is it broken?
@Periah250 if the crack delete itself, its likely your antivirus software quarantined it and flagged it as a virus. Have to whitelist or put it on the allowed list.
Thanks for the upload.
the game's routes are a mess.. i'm following the japanese guide but it seems that even making the choices that are there the heroines' routes are mixed into one.. i'm not understanding it at all
the game's routes are a mess.. i'm following the japanese guide but it seems that even making the choices that are there the heroines' routes are mixed into one.. i'm not understanding it at all
@Stocke the problem is no one uploaded the uncracked version yet.
Is anyone getting a "combase.dll" error on Windows 7?
I miss superelmo bros.
@Tathagatra Yes, i'm getting it too. Don't know what to do with it
@Tathagatra Yeah, same here. I tried what the error suggested and downloaded a combase.dll file from some windows site, but all it does is give me another error (0xc000007b)
Alternate crack to fix the Windows 7 issue: https://anonfiles.com/jcH7N946ue/crack_2_rar
@nazim10 Thanks. Now it's working.
VNDB page: https://vndb.org/v24689
It seems like won't saving data, and I was unlocking few images, but galleries remains locked after reopen game. Did anyone have same problems?
@naxim10 IT'S A CRYPTOVIRUS, look at the virustotal page. It writes to the boot sector of the disk and makes a process at restart. I'm guessing Rawmax is a sockpuppet.
@MrOutsider Could you explain what the process exactly does? It mines cryptocurrency in the background or something?
The crack used for this is really bad and worse it pops up who made it on every run of it which is downright annoying, is there an alternate crack that doesn't do that and actually works better? I've been getting random crashing with pop up windows in Japanese, it's a memory issue is what I'm getting. @MrOutsider Are you sure that isn't a false positive?
This is the crack for the rar posted by naxim10 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ef2aca07498ad2c46a514b1f12f42966213f43ae60d1cde15d2d8b3e6b6b9ccb/detection I don't see anything writing to the disk or really anything all that weird, I'm not sure where he got the info about it writing to the boot sector of your drive, but he commented this on two torrents of this game so maybe he is trolling, or maybe he knows something I don't. As this game does use denuvo it is possible it has something to do with that end of things, but I don't see anything wrong with just the crack exe itself. MrOutsider feel free to show exactly where you're getting this disk writing info from, you said virustotal, well I downloaded the crack and checked it, and I don't see it. Also the other guy you accuse of being a sockpuppet doesn't seem to be to me, they both have comment history that appears distinct in style from each other. Edit: here is a sandbox analysis of the exe too where it does not appear to write anything to the boot sector of your disk or otherwise do anything too weird https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/ef2aca07498ad2c46a514b1f12f42966213f43ae60d1cde15d2d8b3e6b6b9ccb/60ea7fe1bfe8eb5be41ece5f
@Kokoro Well I'll be damned, I downloaded the wrong shit. AnonFiles has this malicious Ad system where when you click on download once, it forces open another tab, which automatically downloads a compressed file WITH THE SAME FILENAME OF THE ANONFILES's FILE, in this case crack_2.rar. You need to click download twice for it to start download of the original file. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9a01880827d8f68ddfce33cd77d5772644bed9f80125c4263dbc3278f302fc64/details This is the crap I downloaded from that Ad site, that shows that it tries to write to bootmgfw.efi, or windows' boot manager. And somehow my pop-up tab blocker isn't working. Great. Anyway, Crack for Win7 confirmed working. And stop using AnonFiles. Here, I uploaded it to Mega instead: https://mega.nz/file/xMYQhBTD#xcGDxg_Nt5uco9Q7vB-KJwhEZEz_dNZtqXL-may4EiE
@MrOutsider So i'm no longer a sockpuppet then. Unbelievable.
Well, glad that everything turned out okay, I didn't have any intention to spread viruses.
@Rawmax Lmfao and Outsider dude...like uhh no comment.
Everyone makes mistakes sometimes MrOutsider, I wasn't sure if you were a better security researcher than I and found something, or were perhaps trolling, both are just as likely around here, glad it ended up an honest mistake though. Also, yeah that site does seem to be doing some scummy shit, sadly many DDL sites are like this, gotta be careful with those, try mega or mediafire, or even like https://catbox.moe/ for a reasonably safe place to upload things in the future nazim10.
Well, I didn't upload it myself. i found that link, tried if it worked, then shared it here. But yes, next time, I will reupload it somewhere else.
I still can't seem to actually download the crack, even with MrOutsider's mega file link, because my computer automatically erases it due to "Virus detected". As this is my second time trying out a crack, does anyone know a workaround?
Open Windows Security, go to Virus & threat protection and it should show you the files that were deleted under Current threats. You need to click on it to show further options, and tell Windows to treat that file as safe. Your browser might be auto-deleting it as well. If that's the case, open the downloads tab and force the browser to keep the file.
So I went into Protection History and found this: Trojan:Script/Conteban.A!ml. I suppose this is why everyone was wary of this crack file, yes? I do wonder what part of the crack causes the computer to react this way in the first place. According to my light google research, this happens more often than one thinks, apparently.