[Neko Very Cute (Anponta)] Lesson in Lust (x3200) (JPEG XL) [English] [FAKKU & Irodori Comics].zip

2021-06-26 20:38 UTC
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A yuri book from an up-and-coming artist that never got uploaded. Been sitting on it for a while, here you go. https://www.fakku.net/hentai/lesson-in-lust-english https://irodoricomics.com/products/lesson-in-lust https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ304971.html [JP, censored] Artist: Anponta Parody: Original Work Circle: Neko Very Cute Publisher: Irodori Comics Language: English Pages: 29 pages Description: Higashi flunks an important math test and might end up having to repeat the year if she doesn't ace the make-up exam! Desperate, she begs the top student in her class - the mousy, tomboyish Eto - for a private cram session. The tutoring does the trick, but when Higashi gets an up-close look at her study-buddy's features, she's smitten... so she decides to repay Eto's good deed with a private lesson of her own. Tags: vanilla, yuri, tomboy, busty, kogal, uncensored, schoolgirl outfit, hentai, socks, cunnilingus, heart pupils, doujin This release is being used to test a new image coding system: JPEG XL. JPEG XL’s lossy mode provides equal quality to JPEG at 60% smaller file sizes, and its lossless mode enables file sizes 35% smaller on average compared to optimized PNG. It has a bevy of other features too, including alpha channel support, animation, progressive decoding, and high bit depths (up to 32-bit [float] per channel), and image dimensions that cap at 1,073,741,823 x 1,073,741,824 pixels. Most of that isn’t relevant to manga, but it’s still quite cool. It also has a special feature: the ability to losslessly recompress existing JPEG files, to reduce file sizes another ~20%; the old JPEGs can even be perfectly recreated from the JPEG XL files produced in this way! JPEG XL is totally capable of perfectly replacing JPEG, GIF, PNG, and WebP! Here are some links to get started: Sample results for lossless compression: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ju4q1WkaXT7WoxZINmQpf4ElgMD2VMlqeDN2DuZ6yJ8 Source code: https://gitlab.com/wg1/jpeg-xl https://github.com/libjxl/libjxl Official website: https://jpeg.org/jpegxl/ Developer's website: https://sneyers.info/jxl/ A precompiled windows binary: https://encode.su/threads/3564-JXL-version-0-3-released?p=69684&viewfull=1#post69684 Early Viewers: https://imageglass.org https://github.com/eddiezato/eddiezato.github.io/releases/download/bin/qimgv_win64.7z Support now available in browsers! Enable permanently in stable Microsoft Edge 91 or later: https://gist.github.com/ziemek99/6295222469218427bb160cf849cdaa0c Enable permanently in stable Google Chrome 91 or later: Paste `chrome://flags/#enable-jxl` into address bar, hit 'Enter' on keyboard, then change dropdown from 'Default' to 'Enabled' and hit 'Relaunch at bottom of window. Enable permanently in nightly Firefox 90 or later: Paste `about:config` into address bar, hit 'Enter', click through the warning, search for `image.jxl.enabled`, and turn the feature on. In the linked zip file with the binaries, cjxl.exe can be used to convert files to JPEG XL, and djxl.exe can be used to decode JPEG XL files, and export as a different format. You can use -h -v to get information about the functions of the binaries. If you want to batch convert lots of PNG files to JPEG XL, here is a suggestion for how to do so: Move the PNG files into the folder where cjxl.exe is located, click on the Windows Explorer address bar (when you are in that folder) and type ‘cmd’ (without the quotes) and hit ‘ENTER’ on your keyboard. Then use the following command: for %i in (D:\jpeg-xl*.png) do cjxl “%i” “%i.jxl” -q 100 -s 9 -E 3 (you can also use -I 1 and/or -g 3 to shrink most files even more) Set the location in the brackets to wherever your binary and PNG files are. You may also visit ‘https://squoosh.app/’ to work with JPEG XL files, as well as other formats, and to convert between them. Details on PNG -> JXL conversion: https://files.catbox.moe/9yyv3u.txt

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  • [Neko Very Cute (Anponta)] Lesson in Lust (x3200) (JPEG XL) [English] [FAKKU & Irodori Comics].zip (28.3 MiB)
could you share the original PDF file?
Ah, the jpeg-xl retard is back. We missed you my dude.
[Lossless PNG](https://files.catbox.moe/r8h7ah.zip)
@Lodx thank you.
@Lodx thank you.
Reported this asshole for posting crap that can't be read except with propitiatory shit viewing software!
Thank you AtomicRobot ❤️❤️❤️
I'm an early adopter of new technology; I was probably the first person to own an Android phone in my city, an HTC G1. It was a piece of shit, but it was neat. 192MB of RAM I think. I pre-ordered a Vive, a WMR headset, an Index, and then a Quest 2. I re-ripped and re-encoded my entire video library to HEVC long before it became a commonly-used format, and I'll probably do it again when AV1 becomes practical. I built a whole new PC around Ryzen when that first came out. Fuck off with your JPEG-XL. I'm just trying to jerk off over here and your slavish obsession with promoting an image codec is both counterproductive (by making everyone hate it) and borderline creepy. JPEG-XL would be useful for websites but it's totally irrelevant right now for local image storage. I got a 12 TB hard drive not long ago for like $250 and my entire collection of my favorite hentai (around 1500 albums currently) only amounts to 69 GB... nice. New video formats make sense to push as soon as possible because they massively improve picture quality, filesize, download time, and bandwidth use. I've got 7TB of anime downloaded and nowhere to put it, so I started replacing my ancient AVIs and h.264s with new HEVC rips. It makes a big difference. But if I converted my entire hentai collection to JPEG-XL, let's be optimistic and say it gets cut in half, 69 GB to 35 GB. That's not an amount of space savings that's relevant in 2021. That's going from a $18 128GB MicroSD card to a $12 64GB MicroSD card. Six dollars' savings in exchange for breaking compatibility with every image viewer. Leave this shit to Google and the rest. Cutting a webpage in half is a big deal. Cutting an offline hentai stash in half isn't - and even if it was, that's something an end-user should be able to easily do themselves. You're being weird. Please stop.

AtomicRobot (uploader)

@nalorcs: I don't care about the PNG format. It isn't exciting to me. I'm interested in JPEG XL, and use my uploads as an excuse to play around with it. I probably wouldn't upload anything if I weren't uploading JPEG XL books. Also, I find it interesting that the whiniest and bitchiest folks on the site are always the ones who never contribute fuck all. You and srrojo and all the other leeches offer a grand total of fucking nothing to the community are always lining up to shit on me, when I am sharing shit. Fuck off with your greediness and laziness. Offer some contribution of your own. I'll wait.

AtomicRobot (uploader)

@molitar: Clicked your name, didn't see any torrents. Somehow, I'm not surprised. BTW, ImageGlass and qimgv are both open-source programs, licensed GPL v3. Not shocked you didn't know that, you seem like quite a retard. BTW, djxl is itself a free and open source application, licensed permissively, so if you want your favorite reader to support JXL, all you need to do is reach out to the author and ask for JXL support. It's not GPL, so both free and commercial apps can safely integrate it.
@AtomicRobot My "contribution" is telling you to stop being a retard. Your "interest" and "excitement" about JPEG-XL is demonstrated by making NINE UPLOADS over a span of SIX MONTHS? What kind of shitass effort is that? Your uploads have among the lowest completions of anything tagged "fakku", and always lower than the PNG torrent that someone makes. I contribute more by doing nothing than you'll ever accomplish with these sporadic random spam uploads. Put some actual effort in, mass-convert the entire existing Fakku library up to 6000 and post that. Still nobody will want it or download it, but you'll have shown this is something you actually care about rather than the thing you do when you accidentally huff comet. What an embarrassing thing to be "excited" about. I'm surprised these JPEG-XL uploads aren't exclusively NTR.

AtomicRobot (uploader)

@nalorcs You 'contribute' fucking nothing, you greedy, lazy fuck! I upload shit nobody else has. That's the problem with you leeches. You cry and scream and want everything you personal way, but you aren't willing to make any contributions. ANY contributions. Tell you what, why don't you buy something and share something? Like I did. Then MAYBE I'll consider what you have to say.
@Lodx Boku no Hero
After comparing for compression I do notice about the JPEG XL compression compresses the size of the files twice without losing any image quality. Sadly I have no idea what I can use to open it neither a viewer for it. It doesn't seems like honeyviewer and windows photos even support it. I do believe the technology behind it will really push compression without lossless image to a new level. Likewise, if you're looking for Yuri stuff to upload I do recommend [Ayane] Acting Up: An Actress x Manager Lust Story or a bunch of set of A Heroine's Isekai Monster Wives Harem