[210604][210528][Queen Bee]遠い君に、僕は届かない 後編(No Watermark).mp4

2021-06-01 12:02 UTC
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[![サンマの塩焼き](https://r01.imgrock.net/i/01214/4qkw0uhad8it_t.jpg)](https://imgrock.net/4qkw0uhad8it/tkimi02c.jpg.html) [![サンマの塩焼き](https://www.imgbig.xyz/data_server_new/578/small/small_tkimi02p.jpg)](http://imgblaze.net/04buiw5qi)

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  • [210604][210528][Queen Bee]遠い君に、僕は届かない 後編(No Watermark).mp4 (149.6 MiB)
ah, including queen bee in the title helps identifying trash easily.
Loving for the milf despite being queen bee
@Blackhole I'd rather watch Queen Bee than PoRo that using the same shit design every years at least Queen Bee follow the source not like what PoRo did with their releases.....
@Fukimaru I salute you! my thoughts exactly! puro same design in every hentai and it's so bland it looks like vanilla even when it's not! btw 0 downloads??? what's going on??? it's stuck
@Fukimaru To each their own I guess. Queen bee is a major turn off for me I think it's lazy animation and feels like I'm watching stop motion animation of colored cutouts. If I want to watch it for the story the source material is out there. But from the comments I've seen up to this point and many years back when Queen bee first started till now, it's a safe bet to say most people don't particularly like it but can't really do anything about it. Beggars cant be choosers. I just download it fap once and off to the recycle bin. Edit: By lazy I mean creating one scene that matches a page (coloring it) and then most if not all of the animation involved is panning in and out from that scene/page. I wouldn't really blame them since the cost to properly animate would be too costly and filling in the animation gaps between scenes on a chapter by chapter on a source material with roughly around 24-40 pages would be too time-consuming.
@Fukimaru, not sure if I've seen puro studio's hentai or not so can't say anything regarding that reference, but I've watched hundreds of queen bee, and I can say this much from experience, Queen Bee's skill level is on per with me. Meaning? It is trash; they are lazy just like me to not even bother to improve one pathetic fucking bit. So, there ya have it. Queen Bee is good if ya just wanna have the panels colored and made a GIF out of it than reading the doujin itself. Heck, even Harry Potter's paper ads had more animation than Queen Bee's entire portfolio. All the hate aside, as @kitueryijty said, beggers can't be choosers, gotta tolerate this trash's existence anyway, if queen bee gets bankrupted & shuts down, I'll fap to the news title alone.
@kitueryijty Queen Bee's animation is not a lazy animation but it called in-Motion style animation just like motion comic animation. For me I'm still not fond to the animation at least I still can enjoy the story and if you wanna fap to it maybe its not good enough but still the choice for the character voice in all Queen Bee's releases is so good. @Blackhole they're not going bankrupt bcoz despite what they do they still make profit from it just same like PoRo so just enjoy whatever they gave to us...