Combined Communities Character Card Pack v3 [Koikatu! / Koikatsu! (コイカツ!)] [CCCCP]

2021-05-10 16:54 UTC
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It's been two years since I started working on this project, and one year since it went public. Well I don't mean to have pulled a fast one on you, but I was thinking of following in Anon11's footsteps before it became fashionable. If anyone wants to take over this project, contact me @Archivist_KK so I can introduce you to the tools of the trade. Offer's valid for a month or two from today. ⠀ I'll dump the OC folder in a few days or so. ⠀ .... ⠀ I'm sure my departure has become a meme at some point, but now it's for-reals for-real. Truth is, I have so little time these days, I can't even write a decent exit message. ⠀ So here goes: ⠀ bye ⠀ ================================================================== ## [The Big OC Pack]( ### And ## [Expansion pack 2 -- FINAL]( ================================================================== ## [Expansion pack 1]( ================================================================== ## What is this? I’ve archived most of the Non-OC Koikatu cards that were ever released. They are sorted by franchise and then by character. ================================================================== ## How big are we talking? 249 GB uncompressed. Please see 'Tree' files for a preview. Identical duplicates have been removed, but some cards are very similar. ================================================================== ## Contents: C.7z ==> Character card archive S.7z ==> Scene archive Tree (folders) ==> Treemap of folders, allows you to see franchises Tree (files) ==> Treemap of files, allows you to see filenames ================================================================== ### IMPORTANT: Some files and folder in this archive have very long path names. Windows does not like path names longer than 260 characters. This is the reason why the zip file is only 1 character long. I keep this folder at the root of C:\ drive. You can do the same, or extract only the folders you want. ================================================================== ### Version 3 Notes: I guess you guys are sick of downloading updates packs. Intimidating for newbies, no doubt. Well, it just so happens I'm out of cloud space, and a lot of you are probably de-synced anyway. So here's V3. It's the old torrent, plus updates 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7. As an incentive, it's the only place to get update 7. **You can stop seeding v2, and replace that archive with this one.** I've updated most of the readmes, and pared them down. And ok, I hear you. You don't want the scene files.... So I'm splitting those off. You can merge them back just by moving the root folder. Just know that without them, you'll be missing ALL scenes! This includes any franchise/character specific assets, referential scenes, iconic scenes from shows, lewd scenes, bespoke character variations, characters not published as separate cards, and - most importantly - practically the entire memes folder. ================================================================== "One hundred gigs before the mast. Will ye serve?"

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  • CCCCPv3
    • C.7z (82.4 GiB)
    • S.7z (18.6 GiB)
    • Tree (files).txt (5.4 MiB)
    • Tree (folders).txt (692.0 KiB)
yeah nice crypto/virus for sure! anon user uploading and a random user commenting "nice!" while the downloadnumber is 0
^That doesn't make sense. If wanted his "crypto virus" to get around it would actually have to get downloaded first, don't you think?
^No kidding, not to mention that it's image files only, so you can't get a virus from those.
Wtf do you expect on a 100 gb torrent that hasnt even been up for a day lol.
Yeah they are not self extracting zips so why someone actually yellow virus right off the bat.. seriously talk about paranoid.
Even though Koikatsu chara savefile are using png file that can store metadata in it, Its still not possible to have Malware in it. Chances are extremly slim.But dont simply excuse people for having malware program just because theres no completed seeders. Btw, Why some uploader likes to show as anonymous?
Malware assholes wouldn't even bother to upload something as this large. Why would they? Just download some of the 3dcg garbage from f95zone, slap your crypto miner on it and upload this here. People download this like crazy, even though I and a lot of other people constantly warning them about these uploads. And then there's the async rat shitface, who uploaded this game: like 3 times or so? NyaBro warned the people about it and every single upload still had 500+ completed downloads. You see? It's just not worth to upload 100 GB worth of stuff just to spread malware. Heck, I believe that they could write it in the description "this upload is infected with xxx" and people are still gonna download that. -_-
This torrent is 100% safe,no crypto miner like SEEDERY mentioned. We can move on now. And Thanks alot to whoever upload this torrent for compiling a whole bunch of character cards. This is what im looking for. But I dont think I can keep continue seeding this for a long time because the size are way too big for my hardrive to handle. Hope you guys can help continue seeding. thanks
@cptaiman1994 Got this on my seedbox, currently at a ratio of 43.6:1
does it have a list of what is new compared to version 2 pack 6?
我去 好牛逼啊
@cptaiman1994 Anonymous, cos I need the deniability ?‍♂️ @plainsugar1234 I couldn't be arsed at the time... and I've deleted the records since. Sorry, I'll try to do better with the next one. If you really, really want to get an accurate list, you can compare the tree files to the historic added files, and observe the differences. A faster, less accurate method is just sorting png files by date modified and observing those since the end of March. @Z5748416642 谢谢你
nice man!!! This pack is awsome!=D
nice one, thanks, loved it. Just for clarification, to use any of the cards i just need to have my mods updated or is there something more? anyway, wonderful job \0
Will there be any future updates for this?
nice project man!!
Holy crap, this is insane! Pretty damn awesome!!!