Shidoukan Day After The Animation - 01 [2021][720p-AVC][LQ][RAW] (指導姦 Day after THE ANIMATION 第1巻)

2021-04-30 02:17 UTC
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![image]( These LQMEME rips have blocky boy issues when the animation is too fast or there are bitrate intensive effects used, but overall are a much better viewing experience than hikiko123's LQ warpsharped DVDRips. [Patreon]( for those that are interested in chipping in to help fund more stuff. More info about my stuff is available on [discord]( Everyone is welcome to join for lewd discussion as well.

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  • Shidoukan Day After The Animation - 01 (2021) [720p-AVC][LQMEME][33C79939].mkv (186.1 MiB)
hey, Puff-san XD do you have plans to release a version of "Himawari wa Yoru ni Saku" Btw, thanks as always :D
@duranichiha He has done two versions, the latest released one is best. He is going to do a new version once the best source gets released later for archival purposes.
@rosanjo9 Can you give me the entry´s link? I don´t find that torrent :/

Puff (uploader)

I haven't uploaded a lot of my v2s here and those are only available on a semi-private tracker for now for homies. You would know if you were in my discord where I blog about my shit. Either way, they're free and easy to get and find as long as you're in my discord.
what's the name of that "semi-private" tracker?
girl looks like she's being burned alive by the sun, instead of having a brown tan ?
thanks for sharing!