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### Brainwashing Drills #### A series by Soft On Demand "Brainwashing Drills" (Japanese: 洗脳ドリル) is an ongoing series by Soft On Demand, starting in October 2018 with SDDE-555, starring Miki Sunohara, Misato Nonomiya (Satomi Nomiya), Kanna Misaki and Ai Minano, and (so far) ending in January 2021 with SDDE-642, starring Miho Tono, Akari Niimura, Hikaru Minazuki, Renka Yamamoto and Hinako Mori. It also features one 4K60 VR title, 3DSVR-0433, starring Iori Kogawa. It's more Mind Control goodness by SOD! This series seems to work a bit like Death Note. The Controller gets a little booklet from a mysterious veiled woman, late at night. He can write names inside to mind control people. This isn't permanent however, but it can become permanent. I'm not entirely clear how it works, but like with other series, it seems to be creampie-related, there's just no visual cue that that causes it. Once that happens, the women will refer to the controller as "Master" and have a little pink heart tattoo on their abdomen. Really neat idea, though the heart looks a bit too much like clipart for my tastes and is obviously a sticker. SDDE-642 has much better-looking abdomen "tattoos", looking like a stylised diagram of the female reproductive system, so hopefully that's a good sign going forward. The first entry (SDDE-555) takes place in a hospital, the second (SDDE-577) in an office. 3DSVR-0433, the VR title, takes place in an office again, SDDE-588 in a school, and the final two entries return to an office environment. As usual in mind control JAV, the type of personality change is completely different every time. Some women retain their overall personality (i.e. they become controlled but will still be demeaning if they've been that way before), some become mindless robots, some become crazed sluts. All the titles in this eries have special effects (a little flash of the eyes) and coloured contact lenses. There's some good stuff in here. In SDDE-577, Yuri drinks tea, then is ordered to give the controller a blowjob. Before he finishes, she picks up her cup and holds it underneath his dick, so he cums right into it. Predictably, he orders her to drink it afterwards. Hnnnnnnnnggggg. More of that please. He then orders her to pee into the empty cup and then to lick his shoes. Not my cup of tea (ugh), but another nice addition to the standard "I control you now let's fuck". Weirdly though, he doesn't tell her to drink her own piss, I guess he's a collector? He does give her a penis though. Not his own, he makes her a shemale. Okay. Overall, browsing through these was quite pleasant once more, though I'll stick with Brain Control Mansion for my favourite SOD Mind Control series. This megapack is EXHAUSTIVE at the time of uploading, but that may change. NOTE: R18/DMM have removed countless 1080p versions of movies before ~December 2015. Those titles are only available at 720p now. That means future megapacks (and this one) might contain 720p movies that were once available in 1080p. If you come across one of those, that's not an error, it's simply the best we can do now. What a great service, I wonder why people want to pirate their shit en masse? This pack includes (sorted alphabetically): * **3DSVR-0433** - [VR] Brainwash Drill VR. Making A Confident Female Lawyer Understand That She's A Sex S***e. Brainwashing Play To Make Her Obedient Iori Kogawa **(feat. Iori Kogawa)** * **SDDE-555** - The Brainwashing Drill Forced Hospitalization Edition - A Naughty And Haughty Female Doctor And Nurse Are Getting Sexually Pumped And Pummeled! **(feat. Miki Sunohara, Misato Nonomiya (Satomi Nomiya), Kanna Misaki, Ai Minano)** * **SDDE-577** - Brainwashing Drills: Transformed Into A Shemale, This Crime Fighting Female Lawyer Starts Brainwashing Her Clients Into Lesbians **(feat. Rena Aoi, Yuri Sasahara)** * **SDDE-588** - The Brainwashing Drill School Edition - My Classmate Pisses Me Off, And So Does My Beautiful Female Teacher, So I Turned Them Into My Creampie Sex Slaves **(feat. Rena Aoi, Yua Imai, Satori Fujinami, Azusa Misaki, Heika)** * **SDDE-615** - Brainwashing Drill: Office Edition **(feat. Reiko Kobayakawa, Reika Hashimoto, Hana Misora, Sumire Kurokawa, Rei Hanamiya)** * **SDDE-642** - Lingerie Drills, Office Edition **(feat. Miho Tono, Akari Niimura, Hikaru Minazuki, Renka Yamamoto, Hinako Mori)** All movies in this pack are 1080p.

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