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![im](https://i.imgur.com/c8D2wuQ.png) ブランド / Brand:ちちぶつり 発売日 / Release Date: 2021/03/26 ファイルサイズ / File Size: 483.36MB 紹介ページ / Information: [https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ317820.html](https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ317820.html) 紹介ページ / Information: [https://www.mikocon.com/thread-50809-1-2.html](https://www.mikocon.com/thread-50809-1-2.html) │ [bishoujo](http://bishoujo.moe)

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  • (同人ゲーム) [2021-03-26][RJ317820][ちちぶつり] 【VR/非VR両対応】あなにはまる少女.rar (369.6 MiB)
Dunno if I'm doing something wrong but it seems impossible to take the skirt off in desktop mode.
I spent *entirely* too long figuring this out but this version of the game is broken. The girl's skirt isn't loading physics properly (or something) and that's making progression beyond the 'lift her skirt' phase impossible. I downloaded the trial version from DLsite and you can pinch and lift the girl's skirt right away. I'm half tempted to just buy the dang game and see if the current version's patched, and then upload it myself. But yeah, for anyone else wondering if they're going crazy no, the version of the game that's in this torrent is just borked.
So it wasn't just me then!
Some file names are broken. StreamingAssets\PhysicalAssets\101 StreamingAssets\PhysicalAssets\201 StreamingAssets\PhysicalAssets\202 Rename 抝偺堿栄 to 男の陰毛 Rename 堿栄 to 陰毛 That should work.
That worked. Thanks thun_hunt.
Is there a condition for unlocking Ending A where you're stuck at the storeroom?
To get ending A you need to look at the pan...thing when she's wiggling and standing, then wait like, 30-40 seconds while she's relieving herself. After that I don't know if there are more conditions but I kissed her (tongue out and move camera in towards her face) and rubbed her head with the cupped hand gesture (it'll lock into position) and from there it moved into a series of free sex scenes until I got the ending. Also I can't give a big enough thank you to thun_hunt for finding the file name fix.
how do i get this to play in vr i have a valve index
Ohh! Just don't look at her peeing to get Ending A.
@clutchranger420 press V in game to toggle to VR mode, press D to toggle back to desktop. You may also need to go into the index's menu and rebind the controls, when I tried to play nothing was bound properly. The control names more or less make sense, but I can post what my bindings are if you want.
@WanderingSoul that would be helpful thanks
i got a HTC vive, just cannot figure out why it wont switch to VR when i press V, the game pretty much freezes and nothing displays on my headset.
for those who have a AMD GPU the devs are saying the game is incompatible because they do not have a computer with a AMD GPU to test the game with so if u cant run the game thats why
I have an AMD GPU and the game runs fine. But I can't progress even when I apply the fix above to enable the skirt physics. Lifting the skirt or removing it doesn't trigger the next segment.
@Sukhoi-kun, scrolling down this link: https://twitter.com/ARYKEI/status/1376066931304792077?s=20 would lead to you to having to edit your Config.json file to include two lines. "チャプター4_2":1, "チャプター5_2":1, reload the game, till the skirt part, fap till you cum, bring out the menu and the skip part should be highlighted allowing you to skip the skirt lift.
Nope, those command lines don't change anything for me. And in case you're gonna ask I did put them within the brackets. Thanks for the troubleshooting, though.
Because I'm becoming too invested in this stupid game (it's actually pretty solid, especially in VR) I'm going to make a controls writeup and guide and throw it in a pastebin or something for the people who are having trouble. Can't promise anything regarding technical issues, but it'll hopefully help answer some questions.
Holy hell pastebin is a pain. Anyway guide's up, I really hope this link works or I'll be very sad. https://pastebin.com/SjFYse4V Here's the bit about the Valve Index bindings for those who just want that. Sorry I can't help for other setups, but if you bind something close to this it should work? VR CONTROLS This is for a Valve Index so don't @ me about other setups, I sadly can't help you. Make sure your headset and controller are running before booting up the game. You should have a white and red line coming from your controller if the game sees it. Hit your menu button on the controller to bring up your main menu for steam VR. Hit the gear then go controllers > manage controller bindings. Make sure it's the bindings for ANASYOUJO and hit edit bindings. NOW I bound everything as follows but you may have to fuss around until your setup works. So long as the red bar at the top listing unbound commands goes away you *should* be all set, but I won't vouch for it. Trigger > use as trigger, then set click to "indextriggerbutton" and pull to "indextrigger" Trackpad > use as button then click to "handtriggerbutton" Thumb stick > use as joystick and position to "thumbstick" (duh) B button ? use as button then click to "touchpadbutton" A button > use as button and click to "menubutton" Grip > use as grab and grab to "handtrigger" That worked for me but you advance dialouge by clicking the trigger all the way in, so that kind of sucks, but it also makes you interact that way so yeah. Idk it works and gets the game to run.
@WanderingSoul the paste bin is either private or waiting on a moderator so currently error 403 "forbidden"
I give up, I can't get the pastebin to work at all. If anyone has progression questions I can answer them, hopefully that control guide covered how I have the bindings for my Index set up.
@Sukhoi-kun I think it's not broken. You should press R to enable physics, then instead of lifting the skirt, you should drag it off, then it will proceed
This one is just broke, the other one called 1.1 works just fine