[SakuraCircle] Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai - 01 (遠い君に、僕は届かない 前編) - English Softsubs

2021-03-27 00:23 UTC
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**Translation:** Tennouji **Encode:** Shareraw from [hikiko123](https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3296753) **Subtitles:** English Styled Softsubs ![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/TGr1VC8.jpg)

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  • [SakuraCircle] Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai - 01 (DVD 720x480 h264 AAC) [E1FCEC90].mkv (169.0 MiB)
THX! I was waiting for this release for over a month now, the manga is a MASTERPIECE let's hope that they made it justice.
@rpgmaniac what makes it a masterpiece? looks like just another of Queen Bee's choice of NTRape garbage they usually put out
and yet why you are here frost?! oh yea keep crying and hating queen bee "qUeeN BeE is trAsh or GaRbage". they keep releasing stuff for a long time. stay mad vanilla man LOL
Well yeah Queen Bee definitely IS garbage solely due to the way they make their hentai anime by making all of their scenes look like its running on a constant loop, like your flipping 2 pages back and forward...resulting in a anime that just looks stiff and not very smooth....its basically an implementation what you see in VN(visual novel) eroge games....its the ONLY studio that uses such a cheap outdated method of production and which is also why they can release more often...because the work and effort they put in cant compare with the other studios who dish out hentais that are more visually fluid in their animations and looks much better.....so yea Queen Bee is most definitely garbage.
ah, another good hentai ruined by queen bee animations. what's the budget for each episode? $50? or $20 gig from Fiverr?
Won't lie, this left a bad taste in the mouth. By the end I was really hoping the protagonist would actually turn the tables because the amount of anger I felt as a viewer far outweighed any sense of turn on. But it ended at a fvked up point with the guy just crying his eyes out like a loser. Didn't help that Queen Bee hasn't changed for the better in years. To sum it up, this was as exciting as shooting fish in a barrel. Oh well, hentai story quality has been degrading for years now. Why should this be any better, I guess.
@LonerPrime, well, that is the point of ntr anyway. The humiliation of the protagonist in the most semi-cruel to cruel way possible.
Very disappointed with the studio that was responsible for this adaptation, I was so exciting as I was waiting for this to come out & the adaptation end up be terrible, it's impossible to fap with this because the animation was lazy as fuck & the hentai scenes focus on all the wrong points & they interrupt them all the time with flashbacks & other shit at the worst possible times, there is way too much wrong stuff with this adaptation, in short they screw this up & they couldn't choose a worse studio to adapt this, so so disappointed...
I don't have a problem with NTR, it's just that Queen Bee tends to pick out the crappy ones, & like @LtMarx said, coupled with how their "animation" is and how they tend to interject stuff at the wrong moments, it's just never that good. Thanks for the wrap up @rpgmaniac
@Blackhole Well you are right as long as we are talking about Netorare. Netori and Netorase, though categorized erroneously as NTR, has whole different goals. Oh well, not for me but I hope it worked out for folks who love Netorare.
Any update on Haitoku no Kyoukai Episode 2?
is there a translated manga of this?