[Mangagamer] Rance Quest Magnum / ランス・クエスト マグナム [English]

2021-02-25 09:52 UTC
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![alt text](https://mangagamer.org/rance/images/cover8.jpg) **Title**: Rance Quest Magnum **Original title**: ランス・クエスト マグナム **Length**: Very long (> 50 hours) **Year**: Japan 2011-08-26, English Version 2021-02-25 **Developer**: Alice Soft **Publishers**: MangaGamer **Language**: English **Voice**: Not voiced **Uncensored/No Mosaics** **Description**: ![alt text](https://www.mangagamer.com/user_data/free_html/rancequest_story.jpg) Source: [Mangagamer](https://www.mangagamer.com/r18/detail.php?product_code=1214) **Important**: 1. Install and play. **!!!** Thanks to Kiroshi! **Screenshots**: ![alt text](https://www.mangagamer.com/user_data/tmp/screenshots/20210126145200.jpg) ![alt text](https://www.mangagamer.com/user_data/tmp/screenshots/20210126145155.jpg) ![alt text](https://www.mangagamer.com/user_data/tmp/screenshots/20210126145144.jpg) ![alt text](https://www.mangagamer.com/user_data/tmp/screenshots/20210126145140.jpg) ![alt text](https://www.mangagamer.com/user_data/tmp/screenshots/20210126145205.jpg)

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  • Rance Quest Magnum
    • Rance Quest Magnum Setup-1.bin (1.2 GiB)
    • Rance Quest Magnum Setup.exe (2.1 MiB)
I legit waited 10 years for this
between shitty management, underpaid translators, and usual mangagamer bs, I'm amazed this actually came out....now to wait a decade for rance X....
something like evenicle ? not eiyu senki type?
Whoa! It's been a while since you've released a installer/setup version!? Anyways many thanks for uploading the installer/setup version of this fantastic Rance game! You're the best! I'm eternally grateful as always!
Awesome! For those that can, try to support the official release so we can get the translations faster :)
10 years for a game that mostly translated years ago. (yes i too am old enough to have been waiting) Rance IX is 100% translated X is at a slow 30% still, from the status update.
How's the translation? I don't like the changed terms and memes in other entries
This was worth the actual buy, but as always it's nice seeing uploads here.
At last! Thank you so much superelmo. I been checking the bookmark of your torrent each day. Thank you so much for you effort!
@superelmo thanks for the upload, I had a question about one of your uploaded games Kazoku Keikaku, I succesfully downloaded it but I can't save in the game and progress in the story, do you know of a way to fix that. Thanks for all the uploads

superelmo (uploader)

Hydragonite, could be Windows permission issue. Try run as admin or move the game folder to another location.
@umuuuuu12 In case if you not know. This and Evenicle has the same creator(Alicesoft). Also, Evenicle series came out later, so it's actually the other way around. EiyuuSen came from another company, but they do have the same basic stuff. @superelmo Thank You for the Upl-l-l-l-load!
supereImo, thanks for the reply, unfortunately it didn't work. I tried moving it to the program files and program files(x86) maps and running it as an admin but it still doesn't allow me to save. I really want to play the game so if you have other ideas please let me know. Thank you in advance.
@superelmo Not sure if this is on your to-do list yet but will you upload anim's NTR Homestay? A full translation was released yesterday. Thanks for all your work.

superelmo (uploader)

Hydragonite, right click on the game folder and click properties then see if "Read-only" is checked, if it is then remove the check and click apply. If that's not working then no ideas what could be the cause. It saves without problems for me.
I'll give this game a try. I've always wanted to try the Rance games but since they don't have voice I've always just not been interested. This game looks good, so I'll give it a shot. Playing a game this long without voicework just seems weird. I do hope Mangagamer does the second Evenicle game. That game looks amazing. I also hope they do the 3 new Koihime games one day.
SuperImo, that fixed the issue. Thanks a bunch.
Can someone upload how to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle?
anyone have a copy of a perfect hacked savedata? lol
Thanks for all Rance Games ;)