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### Hypnotism Rental #### A series by Soft On Demand "Hypnotism Rental" (Japanese: 催●レンタル) is a half-alive series by Soft On Demand, starting in July 2019 with HYPN-001, starring Waka Ninomiya, and (so far) ending in February 2020 with HYPN-010, starring Touka Rinne. The concept is as follows: The first title opens with a 2.5-minute summary of the history of mind control, then presents the backstory. A blindfolded man with headphones is lead by a scientist. The subject is asked to give a brief profile of himself before the conversation steers towards mind control. Who does he want to mind control and why? His boss is supposedly a turbo-cunt (though she seems pretty normal in the flashback) and is gonna get it. He's asked to look at a paper printout of a spiral. He also takes a pill that works for 72 hours, if I understood correctly. Scene change to the office. Boss lady scolds employee. She gets laser-pointered on the forehead by someone else (??) and subsequently ignores the other person. The employee then hands his boss the printout of the spiral, causing her to freeze up when she looks at it. He claps, then tells her to undress, which she does. The boss still has a very commanding tone, but follows all his orders. When she starts to, apparently, remain dominant, he hands her the spiral again. Once again she freezes up until he claps his hands. The boss now poses for him, naked, but still scolds him and he apologises for something. After a conversation, she leaves the room, still naked, and the movie cuts to the next day. Employee, boss and other man are sitting in a smaller, nicer-looking room. The boss is dressed and the other man seems like a customer. She talks very softly with him. He asks about the camera (the actual camera that's filming the porno), so apparently that factors into the story. The customer excuses himself to take a shit. Employee is constantly on his phone and the boss scolds him for it. She gets the spiral for that one. Employee tells boss something, she repeats it, he claps to snap her out of it. The customer returns. Immediately, the boss changes seats to sit next to the customer on the couch and starts to rubs against him. That evolves to finger-sucking, kissing, nipple-sucking, a handjob, and finally a blowjob. He cums in her mouth, and she spits the result into her hand. Cut. The boss is dressed again and pisses into a cup. She drinks it. There are multiple cuts, and the fluid leaking out of her is very clear, while the fluid in the cup is brownish-yellow. Probably tea. I think she even calls it tea. Next day, and last day of mind control. Boss and employee are chatting in the boss' office. She's wearing a tiny bikini like a true leader. There's a brief conversation before she undresses her underling, kissing him and his nipples. He starts kneading her tits, then sucks on them. This leads to cunnilingus, a handjob, a blowjob, and eventually fucking. They start with her bent over, leaning on a couch. He lies down, she takes him cowgirl, then turns 90° to the side, still riding him. They switch to doggy, then to a sort of missionary with her lying on the couch and him kneeling on the floor. He creampies her. She fixes her clothes, though there's not much to fix, and sits behind her desk. Fade to black. The other movies follow the structure, but with variation on the end goal of the mind control. So you get a history lesson and an introduction to the mind controller and his backstory. Then you move to the office, where the employee starts dominating his boss with his newfound, but temporary, powers. The means of control changes, too. HYPN-006, for example, exchanges the spiral for mind control chewing gum. Classic. The exact scenario is also modified. Instead of exposing herself in front of the hypnotiser and a customer, in HYPN-006, the boss exposes herself in front of the hypnotiser and two other employees. They also make her act like a dog, making her wear a big red collar and leash. She's still allowed to speak though. This megapack is **EXHAUSTIVE** at the time of uploading, but that may change. * **HYPN-001** - Hypnotism Rental. Turning My Arrogant Female Boss Into A Slave! Item: Hypnotism Paper. Waka Ninomiya * **HYPN-002** - Hypnotism Rental When My Cute Studentt Betrayed Me, I Was So Angry That I Decided To Get Revenge Sex And Make Her Smell Some Stinky Shit! Items Required: Hypnotism Pen Light Shiori Kuraki * **HYPN-003** - Hypnotism Rental. Fucking And Creampie-ing A Beautiful Married Woman In Front Of Her Husband! Item: Hypnotism Smartphone. Kanna Misaki * **HYPN-005** - Hypnotist For Hire - Cuckolding The Noisy Couple Next Door! Today's Item: The Hypno-Camera Tsugumi Morimoto * **HYPN-006** - Hypnotic Rental: Angry Female Boss Becomes A Dog And Sex Slave! Item: Hypnotic Rubber Rinka Hoshikawa * **HYPN-007** - Hypnotic Rental: NTR A Dumb Lady Who Flirts With Her Colleagues! Item: Hypnosis Rubber Misato Nonomiya * **HYPN-008** - Hypnotism Rental This Arrogant Friend Of My Daughter Is Going To Get Her Punishment! She'll Start Squirting With Object Insertion, And Endure The Humilation Of The Naked Apron, And Made Into Sex Slut Perversion Fucking! Items: Hypno'd Glasses Azusa Misaki * **HYPN-009** - Hypnotism Rental I'm A Freelancer And My Little Stepsister Thinks I'm A Loser, So I Put Her Under Hypnotism And Transformed Her Into A Pervert! The Item: A Hypnotism Rattle Ruka Aise * **HYPN-010** - Suggestion Rental - Girls Who're Open To Suggestion - Touka Rinne

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