[POCHI-GOYA (Pochi)] Ane Naru Mono - The Elder-Sister Like One 1 (x3200) (JPEG XL) [English] [FAKKU & Irodori Comics].zip

2021-01-24 19:44 UTC
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If you enjoy cute and sexy onee-shota, please support the artist by purchasing your own copy! Second book now available from Irodori's site uncensored in English, and books up to the tenth installment available in Japanese from DLsite. https://www.fakku.net/hentai/ane-naru-mono-the-elder-sister-like-one-1-english https://irodoricomics.com/collections/vendors?q=Pochi https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/circle/profile/=/maker_id/RG09000.html (CENSORED, NON-ENGLISH) Pochi's Youtube channel (please subscribe and send her a superchat): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC22BVlBsZc6ta3Dqz75NU6Q/featured Artist: Pochi Parody: Original Work Circle: POCHI-GOYA Event: C88 Publisher: Irodori Comics Language: English Pages: 31 pages Favorites: 206 favorites Description: After losing his parents to an accident, Yuu is introduced to his "older sister", Chiyo, who agrees to take care of him with sisterly affection in return for "something important". Well, play time's over and Yuu has to fulfill his end of the bargain... Tags: ahegao, monster girl, femdom, busty, creampie, uncensored, blowjob, hentai, x-ray, heart pupils, doujin, orgasm denial, horns, beauty mark --- This release is being used to test a new image coding system: JPEG XL. JPEG XL's lossy mode provides equal quality to JPEG at 60% smaller file sizes, and its lossless mode enables file sizes 35% smaller on average compared to PNG (incidentally, manga seems to compress even better than average: using -q 100 -s 9 -E 3, I attained a 39% size reduction on this Pochi book, compared to the Fakku PNG release.) It has a bevy of other features too, including alpha channel support, animation, progressive decoding, and high bit depths (up to 32-bit [float] per channel), and image dimensions that cap at 1,073,741,823 x 1,073,741,824 pixels. Most of that isn't relevant to manga, but it's still quite cool. It also has a special feature: the ability to losslessly recompress existing JPEG files, to reduce file sizes another ~20%; the old JPEGs can even be perfectly recreated from the JPEG XL files produced in this way! JPEG XL is totally capable of perfectly replacing JPEG, GIF, PNG, and WebP! Here are some links to get started: Sample results for lossless compression: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ju4q1WkaXT7WoxZINmQpf4ElgMD2VMlqeDN2DuZ6yJ8/edit#gid=1919028011 View using ImageGlass Moon (on Windows): https://imageglass.org/moon Source code: https://gitlab.com/wg1/jpeg-xl Specification document: https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1908/1908.03565.pdf Official website: https://jpeg.org/jpegxl/ A precompiled windows binary: https://files.catbox.moe/a00fhq.7z Discord server (click the image tab): https://discord.gg/HSBxne3 In the linked zip file with the binaries, cjxl.exe can be used to convert files to JPEG XL. You can use -h -v to get information about the functions of the binaries. If you want to batch convert lots of PNG files to JPEG XL, here is a suggestion for how to do so: Move the PNG files into the folder where cjxl.exe is located, click on the Windows Explorer address bar (when you are in that folder) and type 'cmd' (without the quotes) and hit 'ENTER' on your keyboard. Then use the following command: for %i in (D:\jpeg-xl\*.png) do cjxl "%i" "%i.jxl" -q 100 -s 9 -E 3 -E 3 seems to slow decoding so it might be worth not using it, at the expense of slightly larger files. Set the location in the brackets to wherever your binary and PNG files are. You may also visit 'https://squoosh.app/' to work with JPEG XL files, as well as other formats, and to convert between them.

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  • [POCHI-GOYA (Pochi)] Ane Naru Mono - The Elder-Sister Like One 1 (x3200) (JPEG XL) [English] [FAKKU & Irodori Comics].zip (22.0 MiB)
All these releases serve to do is make people associate JXL with the experience of either trying to open an image, having it not work and then having to use a command prompt and a random exe to get something viewable, or even worse trying to open an image, having it not work and just assuming it's shit. You are making people associate a good format (without the necessary support in common programs) with a terrible experience and I'd argue giving it even more of an uphill battle in being adopted and accepted than it already has. Please stop.

AtomicRobot (uploader)

There are, at this point, a few different ways to view JPEG XL files. I even linked one in the post: https://imageglass.org/moon The reality is that any new format is going to have a period where support is limited, but that's no reason not to play around with it. In the future, these uploads should be viewable in basically every application.
I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying most people don't have the software to do it installed and aren't going to care enough to figure out why it's not working. They'll just get a bad impression from it and it'll stick with them. Also as an aside, converting these from JXL back to PNG does not produce a exact copy of a PNG from the original release, with or without optipng. Something along the way either to or from JXL is modified or lost. For people who are autistic like me and don't want to stray away from the original release this is another mark against these releases. Proof, compare file sizes (albeit they're close after optipng) and hashes if you want: https://files.catbox.moe/qzytwc.7z
Well first of all why use a format that is not supported by standard image browser? second of all why upload an old doujin? On a sidenote I have to agree with sdgfjuyuire. JXL is not ready for commercial use as it is still under development from what I can tell. Come back again when it's ready.

AtomicRobot (uploader)

@sdgfjuyuire: I converted these using JPEG XL's lossless mode. You're wrong; there definitely isn't any data being lost. If you knew anything, you'd know the file sizes of PNG (and other lossless formats even) can vary wildly, depending on what techniques you use (see the PNG page on the linked Google spreadsheet if you want to know how widely file sizes can vary within the PNG format alone), but the images are pixel identical, provided you don't do something stupid like shrink the color space. Hashes and file sizes do not and can not tell you if a format is lossy or lossless. @lord_sammael: The reason why is this: I find the format interesting, and wanted to play around with it. I wanted to share my results, just in case others were curious about what is possible. As far as this doujin goes, I like it, and it didn't seem to have been uploaded yet. If you all hate my uploads so badly, then I apologize. I won't do it again.
I'm aware the image is likely identical as it's a lossless to lossless conversion, hell I even like JXL and hope it catches on if only because it's an open standard. What I'm saying is that this isn't a replacement for an upload of the original archive as even when you convert back to PNG it's not identical, and uploading a converted version without providing the originals is only gonna serve to piss more people off on top of the ones who have no idea what to do with JXL to start with. You are making people associate JXL with frustration.
These FUCKers are at it again!Way to ruin the mood!
Stop trying to make JPEG XL happen. It's never going to happen. You know what might happen, though? AVIF. If you want to push some new meme format, you'd be better off pushing one that actually has a decent chance of seeing widespread adoption. Granted, AVIF is still not going to be used by anything other than very large web services to save bandwidth, but either way...
https://pixeldrain.com/u/xdqP3JG6 And here's a copy of this converted back to PNG. I think the checksums of these files should match the originals - anyone with the originals care to confirm?
@eeeeeeeee2000 Those are original with the exceptions of pages 03, 30 and 31. You converted them? What programs and arguments did you use?
I used "optipng -strip all *.png". What are the filesizes and checksums of those three pages? I can try some other arguments to see if I can match that.
@eeeeeeeee2000 https://0bin.net/paste/ilZzeoNW#HH0ldC5ECNy71AQLIWMWxNOzKm6Fpom447FsK3NwcZ3 EDIT: In addition, just for fun I ran that command against the JXL release (converted back to PNG) of "[peachpulsar (Mira)] Your Love is Too Much!" and the only ones that came back with the same hash as the release direct from Fakku were the color pages (01, 34 and 35). So in any case without an original to compare to I don't think it's a reliable way to convert back to a "true original", and if you have an original to compare to then why convert a JXL upload back to start with? Came damn close with this one though.
@AtomicRobot Ignore those autists, you've done nothing wrong so far :). sdgfjuyuire's mental breakdown over a modern lossless format is quite funny, it only takes one button click to change the format to something else and there was a retard who bought and uploaded this to Animetorrents a while ago (sdgfjuyuire has an account there, so why won't he use that instead of bitching here? hmmmmm). Well, it's not so surprising that he is quite incompetent at basic tech because he also believes that RSS can identify duplicate files inside an archive.
I used optipng 0.7.7 for Windows, which looks to be quite an old version (last modified on the file is 2017). I'm sure optipng has improved since then, but Fakku probably uses an old version and hasn't bothered updating it. For the pages with incorrect hashes, I got the correct ones with the following: optipng -zc9 -zm8 -zs1 -f0 -strip all 03.png optipng -zc9 -zm8 -zs0 -f5 -strip all 30.png optipng -zc9 -zm8 -zs0 -f0 -strip all 31.png I'll upload a version with matching hashes in a minute - my upload speed isn't very good so it will take a while.
@ultimaonlineplayer t. I use RSS to download everything posted to pub trackers and I sperg out when there's somehow dupes.
https://pixeldrain.com/u/k7r5qXMs And here you go. This should match the original.
@eeeeeeeee2000 31/31 on that one, good as original.
I guess that proves that this release is lossless. And on that note, it would be nice if @AtomicRobot could post the original file checksums/filesizes for the other two JPEG XL releases they uploaded, so they could likewise be verified to be lossless.
@eeeeeeeee2000 https://0bin.net/paste/AaxkmRdj#yrkGsYYxL1y9RJjVZxheww5Rx++ukCA1HUd22Z-bjaj Those are the sizes and hashes for "[peachpulsar (Mira)] Your Love is Too Much!", I gave it a shot with "-strip all" and only got 3/35 pages to the same size and hash. Since you clearly know your way around this better than I do maybe you'll have more luck. As for the others that's up to @AtomicRobot, he hasn't been willing to provide original files before but maybe hashes and file sizes aren't out of the question.
Well considering everything, I just don't think this is the right place to advocate about image format, just because nobody here cares. The problem with jxl here is that everyone already have his favorite image and comics viewer, in my case none of the ones I like has support, and ImageGlass Moon is slow as fuck as image viewer when compare with another viewers, and even more slow when you open a jxl file on it (and don't open comics files too, but already expected), I don't understand why it would be your first recommendation. At end of the day I think you are accomplishing nothing if everyone choose to convert your jxl files to png again or other formats, but if this is what you need to share your files, stay firm. Anyways thanks for the upload.
@AtomicRobot I am not against the format, but right now it is not supported by any of the standard image viewers. Just saying, maybe wait until it is supported before you start churning out these JXL torrents.
@sdgfjuyuire Doing that with my outdated 0.7.7 optipng with just "-strip all" seems to have done the trick - I think the outdated optipng is key here. I'll post the result in a bit - uploading it will take a while over my slow DSL.
@AtomicRobot I have a really stupid suggestion.... um, why don't you bundle both files, PNG and JPEG-XL. Some of us geekier types can then do file & images qual compares and see if JPEG-XL is worth it. I get that you want to make it happen, so allow us peons to compare. But this format is really early days, okay? It's for image-archivist geeks. It's not just PC image viewers, are there any JXL viewers for mobile? Kindly bundle both next time. Thank you @eeeeeeeee2000 for the convert some of us don't have Windows.
https://pixeldrain.com/u/AJHKNZCS And here's "[peachpulsar (Mira)] Your Love is Too Much! (x3200) [Irodori Comics]", all checksums should match to the original. That proves this one to be lossless as well. If @AtomicRobot could provide checksums/filesizes for "After-Hours Office Love Silence Me With A Kiss!" we could confirm that one as well.
@eeeeeeeee2000 Out of curiosity I gave optipng a shot on Windows and that did the trick, 35/35 same file hash and size. Happy to be proven wrong on that front I suppose. I figured it'd be metadata or some other miscellanea/differences in PNG optimization causing the file size/checksum differences. I still maintain that these JXL uploads do more to hurt perception of the format than help it. genl put it best here https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3218469#com-16
Is there a reader application that can read .jxl files straight out of a .zip archive without unzipping the archive? I usually use HoneyView (windows) and Perfect Viewer (Android) and they can handle .zip and .rar files with no problem, however they don't support this newer image format But ImageGlass Moon isn't sophisticated enough to read directly from archives and it takes 4 seconds to load an image on my laptop. like WTF? edit: nevermind, @eeeeeeeee2000 has a PNG file copy. Really don't feel like installing 10 different software and spending an hour of my time researching to see which comic viewer supports this obscure file format...
@the_miscreant Aren't you that mentally ill shitweasel who blatantly lied about sending money to the most active Fakku uploader? Oh ya, it is you. Hope a wasp stings you in the eyeball, miserable cunt. https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3164798#com-5
@AtomicRobot You achieved association of JXL with suffering. Good job.
Look at these retards having a sperg out because they're too retarded to read the OP and click on one button to convert it back to PNG. This is actually hilarious. One of these spergs can't do something so basic but claims it's possible to detect duplicates with RSS, and another sperg believes you need 10 different software to look at an image. We need more uploaders to do what CGC is currently doing (resizing every image and adding massive watermarks per page) because leechers are straight up retarded and ungrateful. "I don't want my free stuff on this silver plate, I want it on that silver plate, REEEEEEEEE wahhhhhhhhhhh".
Imagine being ultimaonlineplayer and having the reading comprehension of a particularly stunted infant. I never said RSS can detect dupes inside archives, I said you specifically are a retard because you use it to bulk download from both pub and private trackers then complain when you end up with dupes. Your "problem" exists between your keyboard and your chair.
what a pepega moment, can you at least do this when common manga viewer like honeyview support it or something or better yet upload both version? or did you get off based on how people will react, is it what this is?
For the original PNG file: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3242189
@ultimaonlineplayer Im not doing that, thanks, waste of time
More than one fucking year and this retarded format hasn't become mainstream so I need to read every fucking comment to find out how to open a image file. Five minutes ago I didn't even know this format existed, but now I do and I fucking hate it Thanks for the correct file RD8K
fucking asshole for uploading shit! Fuck jxl shit.