Erogos+TinkleBell+Ekicon Research Society+Others Collection

2021-01-12 03:47 UTC
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### This is a Complete Package of the Collection I have managed to gather over the course of my time. Pick what you want, take one of it, take all of it, Just know that almost all of them are Visual Novels and a good chunk are in solid Japanese, those in English are written with English titles or are noted to be English after the title. ### This Package includes: ### [Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi/ボクと彼女(ナース)の研修日誌 [English] ]( ### [Breaking a Stuck-up Wife! ~A Good Woman, But a Bitch~/高慢妻陥落!!!~イイ女だけどヤな女~]( ### [Bujuru Buchuru! ~Fuwatoro Meiki no Omotenashi~/ぶぢゅるぶちゅるッ! ~ふわとろ名器のおもてなし~]( ### [Buruburu/ぶるぶる]( ### [Cara the Bloodlord/カーラ The Blood Lord]( ### [Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe/助けたけもみみ娘たちとイチャイチャ懐かれックスしまくる異世界ファミレス繁盛記]( ### [Chichi Miko!! Plus 1 ~Sobo to Musume no Sakunyuu Harem~/ちちみこ!! プラス1 ~祖母と娘の搾乳ハーレム~ [English] ]( ### [Club D/倶楽部D [Japanese] ]( ### [Ekicon Research Society/液魂研究会]( >Includes: >Lolita Genkai Piston Choukyou >Ayumi-chan no Natsuyasumi >Pre-T Girl Piston Satsuei Kai >Meshimase Shimai Donburi >Onii-tan to Pishuton Gokko! >Boku, Mou Dechau! ~Moteasobareta Sausage~ >Omase na Princess ~Miwaku no Lolicon Nikubenki-tachi~ >Boku-tachi no Orusuban >Naisho no Hadaka Asobi >Boku-tachi no Sei Kurabe >Naisho no Oisha-san Gokko >Mama wa Inran Niku Dorei >Sensei, Ha○mi-chan ga Imasen! >Rengeki No Omutsu Doll >Yousei Hunter GO >Tsureko Shimai Dosukebe Choukyou >Shinseki Taraimawashi Shimai Ero Ana Choukyou ### [The Grim Reaper Who Reaped My Heart!]( ### [Harem Game ~Ore wa Kore no Okage de Eroge no Shujinkou ni Naremashita!~/ハーレムゲーム ~俺はコレのおかげでエロゲーの主人公になれました!~ [English] ]( ### [Erogos]( >Includes: >#### Love Fetish Series: >Love Fetish ~Tekoki Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Paizuri Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Nozoki Onani Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Ashi Fetish Ashikoki Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Fellatio Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Sanshamendan Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Tech Gian Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Sado Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Maso Hen~ >Love Fetish ~Love Hen~ >#### Maho Tama Series: >Maho Tama Series - Sukumizu Hen >Maho Tama Series - Tekoki Hen >Maho Tama Series - Oppai Hen >Maho Tama Series - Bloomer Hen >Maho Tama Series - Oshaburi Hen >Maho Tama Series - Mimikko Hen >#### In Series >In Series Inshoku Chikan Densha >In Series Inbaku Kankin Choukyou >In Series Injoku Inkou Kaihatsu >In Series Inran Roshutsu Choukyou >In Series Ingoku Koushuu Rinkan >In Series Tokunou Nama Nakadashi ### [Iro Yoridori/イロヨリドリ [English] ]( ### [Mugen Rinkan/無限輪姦]( ### [Mutiny!! [Includes "Adult Mod" and Elizabeth and Grozdana DLC] ]( ### [Shitai o Arau/肢体を洗う]( ### [So, I Hear You Like Sadistic Women/ドSなお姉さんは好きですか?]( ### [Taimanin Yukikaze Animation/対魔忍ユキカゼ [English] ]( ### [Taimanin Yukikaze 2/対魔忍ユキカゼ2 [English] ]( ### [TinkleBell/ティンクルベル]( >Includes: >Punyupuri SP - Yamiyo no Miko Shokushu ni Otsu >Rondo ~Punyupuri Joshikouhen~ >Tsun★Dere! ~PunyuPuri EX~ >Yamiyo to Hoshi no Meidokan ~Punyupuri XX~ >Tsukiakari no Raspberry ~Tsun★Dere II~ >Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff ### [Tsuukin Chikan Densha Akiba Iki ~Joshikousei ni Haiyoru Musuu no Te~/通勤痴漢電車 アキバ行き ~女子校生に這い寄る無数の手~]( ### [Tsuukin Kairaku 2 ~Chikan de Go! Go!~/通勤快楽2~痴漢でGO!GO~](

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  • Collection
    • Collection
      • Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi [English].rar (997.3 MiB)
      • Breaking a Stuck-up Wife! ~A Good Woman, But a Bitch~ [English].rar (423.8 MiB)
      • Bujuru Buchuru! ~Fuwatoro Meiki no Omotenashi~.rar (505.0 MiB)
      • Buruburu.rar (653.1 MiB)
      • Cara the Blood Lord [English].rar (1008.7 MiB)
      • Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe ver.1.1.2 [English].rar (608.5 MiB)
      • Chichi Miko!! Plus 1 [English].rar (309.8 MiB)
      • Club D.rar (1.8 GiB)
      • Ekicon Research Society Collection.rar (9.0 GiB)
      • Grim Reaper (Final Build).rar (845.6 MiB)
      • Harem Game [English].rar (2.1 GiB)
      • In Series.rar (21.4 GiB)
      • Iroyoridori [English].rar (1.1 GiB)
      • Love Fetish.rar (12.2 GiB)
      • Maho☆Tama Series.rar (15.5 GiB)
      • Molester Game [English].rar (200.7 MiB)
      • Mugen Rinkan.rar (653.8 MiB)
      • Mutiny!!.rar (835.3 MiB)
      • READ ME FIRST.txt (377 Bytes)
      • Shitai o Arau.rar (970.6 MiB)
      • So, I Hear You Like Sadistic Women [English].rar (786.2 MiB)
      • Taimanin Yukikaze 2 Animation [English].rar (1.6 GiB)
      • Taimanin Yukikaze Animation [English].rar (1.4 GiB)
      • TinkleBell Collection.rar (17.0 GiB)
      • Tsuukin Chikan Densha Akiba Iki ~Joshikousei ni Haiyoru Musuu no Te~.rar (405.5 MiB)
      • Tsuukin Kairaku 2 Chikan de Go! Go!.rar (386.4 MiB)
some can confirm this?
I haven't tested all games yet but the ones I tried work with no issue. Two things though: there's a 'Molester Game' not listed here. Also, the readme file says that Maho Tama games don't work on Windows 10, I've been using my own installers for years and the only problem comes from Windows Defender false identifying the crack files as virus, easily solved adding the games folder to exceptions.
I can confirm that the In Series from EROGOS is not working with W10, excluded start.exe / install folder or not, sadly. The readme file in the downloadable content says a Win7 Virtual Machine does the trick... @RandomUser88: could you please check one of the In Series games if you have the time, just to be sure. Will seed for a good while. (though it doesn't help that the extracted files and the archive of said files are also included, effectively making it double the size for no good reason lol) (if anyone's interested in just the In(decent) Series, not double-sized, and would like to try it / help with the troubleshooting: with more seeds (including me)), but I'm gonna try and seed the In Series part of this for a while too.