[lamonae] Cream Lemon - 35 - Ami Sorekara Part 4

2021-01-09 18:59 UTC
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After 2020 year of the butthurt, 2021 year of the salvation? At least #lamonae@irc.rizon.net provides some relief on these difficult times, with the last bits of the Ami storyline if you ignore the few remakes. The farewell concerts are coming to a close, and all protagonists are facing their destiny... Ami has to make a decision once for all about her life, and maybe it will a surprising one. No more spoils ahead, but I will still make a few more comments: - Each episode of Ami Sorekara had a different character design, the one of this episode having at the same time the most mature design and the worst animation quality. - The production of the series had several delays, especially this episode which was due in March 1989, finally came one year later, moveover after the Tsutomu Miyazaki events. It is also the last fresh episode to be produced by Fairy Dust until 2001, except the two specials which came with the various compilation boxes (coming soon :o)). It was animated by the APPP Studio which renamed itself to 'Studio 88' during the production (renaming back to APPP later on). - The featured song of this episode has exactly the same melody than a Moritaka Chisato song featured on her "New Season" album and called ["Ringoshu no Rule"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMzpfboMN6Q&t=558s). The album was released in 1987 so the Ami version is probably a cover (pirate?) version. It is striking that there was no music release at the time, even so the song is present in the LD-Box extras. The extra special episodes will conclude the fansub of the main series, yes we are going to finish it :D ![](http://lamonae.free.fr/lemon/ep35.jpg)

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this is amy journey??? Cream Lemon 39 Ami's Journey VHS
@surume No, this isn't Departure: Ami, the Last Chapter (Ami's Journey is a misnomer from a mistranslation of Tabidachi), this is an alternate storyline widely panned as a cash grab since it's pretty inconsistent with the original Ami's story (it ignores the events of Ami, the Last Chapter), doesn't follow the original character designs, had several production problems (I've read that Satoshi Urushihara directed part of it merely as a favor) and the Ami in this series isn't even voiced by the original voice actress Hitomi Oikawa (it is unknown who is the voice actress in Sorekara, but I read it's supposedly an AV actress). Even the two vocal songs are pretty terrible in comparison to the ones from the original series and the movie. Cream Lemon part 39 is family safe and a theatrical film, so you will find it in the regular Nyaa in a standalone torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1129603
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