[peachpulsar (Mira)] After-Hours Office Love Silence Me With A Kiss! (x3200) (JPEG XL) [English] [FAKKU & Irodori Comics].zip

2020-12-29 12:14 UTC
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If you enjoy yuri, please support the artist by purchasing your own copy! https://www.fakku.net/hentai/after-hours-office-love-silence-me-with-a-kiss-english https://irodoricomics.com/products/after-hours-office-love-silence-me-with-a-kiss https://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE284408.html (CENSORED, NON-ENGLISH) Artist: Mira Parody: Original Work Circle: peachpulsar Event: C98 Publisher: Irodori Comics Language: English Pages: 35 pages Description: Just when things are going smoothly at work, Aoi receives a huge shock when her lover and mentor Maika announces that she's leaving the company at the end of the month! Worried that this could be goodbye forever, Aoi confronts her during a late-night overtime shift, and Maika decides to smooth it all over with a steamy last hurrah at the office where they share so many memories... It's their last chance, so it'd better be one spectacular night! Tags: vanilla, yuri, busty, stockings, uncensored, hentai, office lady, cunnilingus, heart pupils, doujin, squirting, ponytail This release is being used to test a new image coding system: JPEG XL. JPEG XL's lossy mode provides equal quality to JPEG at 60% smaller file sizes, and its lossless mode enables file sizes 35% smaller on average compared to PNG. It has a bevy of other features too, including alpha channel support, animation, progressive decoding, and high bit depths (up to 32-bit [float] per channel), and image dimensions that cap at 1,073,741,823 x 1,073,741,824 pixels. Most of that isn't relevant to manga, but it's still quite cool. It also has a special feature: the ability to losslessly recompress existing JPEG files, to reduce file sizes another ~20%; the old JPEGs can even be perfectly recreated from the JPEG XL files produced in this way! JPEG XL is totally capable of perfectly replacing JPEG, GIF, PNG, and WebP! Here are some links to get started: Sample results for lossless compression: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ju4q1WkaXT7WoxZINmQpf4ElgMD2VMlqeDN2DuZ6yJ8/edit#gid=1919028011 Source code: https://gitlab.com/wg1/jpeg-xl Specification document: https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1908/1908.03565.pdf Official website: https://jpeg.org/jpegxl/ A precompiled windows binary: https://files.catbox.moe/a00fhq.7z Discord server (click the image tab): https://discord.gg/HSBxne3

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  • [peachpulsar (Mira)] After-Hours Office Love Silence Me With A Kiss! (x3200) (JPEG XL) [English] [FAKKU & Irodori Comics].zip (53.6 MiB)

AtomicRobot (uploader)

Sorry for the delay in seeding; I had a problem on my system, but it should be sorted now. As an aside, manga seems to compress much better than average: using -q 100 -s 9 -E 3, I attained a better than 56% size reduction on the Mira doujins I've tested, compared to PNG.
Thanks @AtomicRobot
JpegXL is a bad idea. Not supported by a mass of software viewers and converters.
^pretty much my concern about this. I thought the files were corrupted lol

AtomicRobot (uploader)

^That's hardly surprising. The bitstream was only just finalized five days ago. JPEG XL ends up being such a huge improvement in all respects that it is unthinkable for it not to see adoption, especially that it is royalty free and has a very good open source implementation that's seeing heavy development. The Opus audio codec was a far more modest improvement relative to Vorbis, than JPEG XL is compared to JPEG, PNG, GIF, and WebP, and it still managed to get supported in everything. JPEG XL will happen, especially given that there's so much pent up demand for a new, HDR supporting image format that can be used on the web (i.e. not HEVC/HEIF.)
@AtomicRobot That's nice and all...but I'd actually like to see the images. So what software do you recommend I use to convert/view them? Edit: Okay, I see that I can do this with the djxl.exe file in the windows binaries. If you're going to release something in this format, consider adding instructions for how to convert or view it to your description, since, AFAIK, there isn't any common software that will read jxl yet. For anyone trying to convert these images on windows, this worked for me. (use at own risk): 1. unzip the file 2. drop this file: https://files.catbox.moe/11ga5p.bat and the djxl.exe file from the windows binaries into the folder containing the images. 3. run the .bat file and wait for conversion to finish. I will note, that converting the images to png almost tripled the size, so jxl could be a nice format in the future, assuming software adoption.

AtomicRobot (uploader)

Yes, that's right. There's also a Qt plugin available, which will allow Qt based applications like nomacs to view such images without conversion. https://github.com/nomacs/nomacs/pull/585
If you're gonna use a release to test a new format, would you be so kind as to also post the original PNGs? Thanks.
why? whats wrong with jpeg or png? jpeg xl don't even show up when you google jxl image. at least upload the normal image format alongside it
Can you upload the regular ZIP file without the JPEG XL format? Using a new format when most software viewers don't even support it yet is so dumb.
how long until someone at least posts a DDL of converted images so that not everyone has to download and do it themselves
@addict Here: https://files.catbox.moe/xyx1y6.zip Someone make a torrent of this. Too lazy atm.
Please upload original PNG files too if possible.
Thanks @H0tCh0colat3 but I bet the original PNG files are way smaller than what you got from decoding the jxl
Lossless optimized PNG version is 64 meg, so jxl only saves round 15%
please, please upload the original
I just came for office lady tits and found myself in a jpeg rabbit hole.