ASMRchive v0.12 (Canan)

2020-12-24 12:29 UTC
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An update of the previous. Right at the buzzer for christmas also, sorry about that. Previous messed up Christmas stream that had other audio in it has been replaced with two others. See the file list and the readme for details on what's changed. If you're fine with the quality of the previous encodes (personally, I wasn't) then feel free to just pull the new Christmas streams and photosets. A couple of people have requested h.264 instead of the h.265 10-bit encodes. If a couple of others mention this in email or comment, I'll put it out. I was without a PC for some time, but this should be easier to take care of now. Also, if anyone has anything to add (for Canan, Macoto, Miyadi, or anyone, really) don't hesitate to reach out.

File list

DUUUDE FUCKING THANKS YOU!! i hate to see "time-shift ended" when i go back to an older live stream.
Guys make sure to seed, we need every single one of you
why can vlc play some of the m4v files and can't play others
MASSIVE thanks my guy! exactly at christmas what a buzzer indeed! May I ask do you also have Rica ASMR's? her christmas stream seems pretty cute with her outfit. Been asking on reddit and still no one replies. @nomorenamesleft not sure using vlc at this point, try to use mpv for overalls.

asmrchive (uploader)

@nomorenamesleft I don't have issues with playing m4v on VLC, and I'm not sure what settings i have that are different from yours, or if we're using different versions, or what. @Astralfox i do, I've started to sort through her stuff and remove duplicates here and there. She has a lot of content though, so it's a process.
@nomorenamesleft try going into the torrent properties and shorten the name of the problematic files. Some videos didn't work for me (worked when streaming to another device) and it now works when I shorten the names (do it via your torrent application so you can still seed). Just try cutting out the unnecessary bits of the video name until it works. Edit: Needless to say, the overall length of the file location matters too, so if all else fails, you could rename the folder containing the video or move the entire torrent folder altogether.
thanks, it was the file name length
Am no complaining but the 2020/11/15 (((. [Limited ✨ ASMR / KU100] NEW Camera to report on the latest status! [Live-action camera] ))) video is missing

asmrchive (uploader)

it was a duplicate/had the wrong date. i left the folder there as a placeholder if a mistake was made.
thanks again for the upload chive. would you happen to have any of canan's r18 asmrs, the lewder ones?
@powerless, dude this is literally every single Canan's vod, including the lewder ones.
This is probably my very first comment, just so you get the idea. Are you an angel? Can't even express my appreciation. Thank you!!
the succubus cosplay from sasamori Tomoe's succubus hentai series might just be the greatest crossover content of all time.
So I'm currently restricted by phone space, anyone who can give me a priority list here?
The video from 2020-12-05 is corrupted, I cant see it in vlc
the first 20 seconds or so is black but it works fine. did you literally not try scrolling at all lmao
just wondering if theres gonna be another update
we're still waiting for the new update!!
@asmrchive I Contacted you on your email. Please take a look. Thanks
Any new updates to this collection?
can you update the collection please