[1080p/FHD] Room Barrier Minipack (HYPN, SDDE) + 3DSVR-712 No Watermarks

2020-12-06 12:35 UTC
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### Room Barrier Minipack #### A series by Soft On Demand "Room Barrier" (Japanese: 部屋結界) is an ongoing series by Soft On Demand, starting in August 2019 with SDDE-592, starring Mao Kurata, Honoka Mihara and Aoi Kururugi, and (so far) ending in December 2020 with SDDE-637, starring Kyoko Maki, Ayano Kato, Tsubasa Hachino and Arisa Hanyu. I included 3DSVR-712 as well. It's not formally part of the series, but it looks and plays out exactly the same as the other titles, except it's in VR. Given that it also has a nearly identical title ("Room Barrier" vs. "The Barrier In My Room"), I think it's fair to say it's part of the series. Also be advised that HYPN-024 and HYPN-025 are basically one movie. Looks like they're experimenting with breaking films into multiple separate titles. For the plot to make sense, don't watch HYPN-025 until after you've seen HYPN-024. Anyway, here's the basic premise: The protagonist is some kind of perv and/or loser. One way or another, he manages to contact an evil, supernatural, invisible entity. It talks to him and grants him a special power - any woman that enters a designated room will fall under his control, following his every order. This usually starts with them monotonously repeating orders and fulfilling them, and ends with them smiling through all interactions with him, loving each and every order they're given by their new master. Their change of state is reflected immediately by changing the colour of their iris, and later on they also dress differently and wear unconventional lipstick colours (often black or purple). From this point onward it's plenty of sex, and perhaps the occasional "twist". In HYPN-025, for example, the mind control guy brings the boyfriend/husband of his sex slave into the room, tying him to a chair and making him masturbate while mind control guy fucks his wife in front of him. Honestly, if the guy goes to the trouble to mind control women, I expected he'd make them swallow after a blowjob, too, but it doesn't look like he does. There is one hot exception: In SDDE-592, he asks Mao Kurata to drink some tea, then stops her to comment she doesn't even have any milk in it. After a blowjob, he tells her to spit his load in her tea. She does and proceeds to down it in one go. Later, he also tells Mao to "wake up" while he's fucking her, so she realises what's going on, at least for as long as he allows her to. I'm not 100% sure since I don't speak Japanese, but it seems that the formula does change a little as the series goes on. As far as I can tell, in SDDE-592, the first title in the series, the mind control only works in the designated room. He has to creampie the girl in the room for the mind control to be permanent and universal. In later entries, the women also seem to snap almost immediately into "I love my master" mode instead of the husk-like acting from before. The male protagonist is always the same, so perhaps this reflects him growing more powerful. But I don't know if the plots are actually connected. This pack includes (sorted alphabetically): * 3DSVR-0712 - [VR] The Barrier In My Room VR - As Long As We're In Here, We Do What I Want! (feat. Kurea Hasumi, Miki Sunohara, Rika Omi) * HYPN-024 - Room Barrier - If It's In Here, It's Just Like I Expected! Mao Kurata * HYPN-025 - The Room Bubble - When You're Inside, You're Under My Command! 2 - A Lady Boss Descends Into The Shame Of Pleasure Mao Kurata * SDDE-592 - Bedroom Dimensional Barrier - Anyone Who Enters My Room Has To Do Exactly As I Say (feat. Mao Kurata, Honoka Mihara, Aoi Kururugi) * SDDE-611 - Special Room 2 ~ Welcome ~ A Slutty Restaurant Just For Me! ~ (feat. Kurea Hasumi, Akari Mitani, Azusa Misaki) * SDDE-625 - Room Confinement SPECIAL - Welcome To My Very Own Lewd Academy! - (feat. Hibiki Otsuki, Yu Shinoda, Iori Kogawa) * SDDE-637 - The Inner Sanctum Room - Welcome To My Very Own Horny Married Woman Apartment House, Yay! (feat. Kyoko Maki, Ayano Kato, Tsubasa Hachino, Arisa Hanyu) All movies in this pack are 1080p, except for 3DSVR-712 which is in 4K.

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