│2D.G.F.│[201127][ALICESOFT] ドーナドーナ いっしょにわるいことをしよう DL版 (files)

2020-11-27 03:55 UTC
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![im](https://imgur.com/y2LVDT5.jpg) ドーナドーナ いっしょにわるいことをしよう DL版 (files) ブランド / Brand:ALICESOFT 発売日 / Release Date: 2020-11-27 ファイルサイズ / File Size: 3.06G 紹介ページ / Information: [https://www.alicesoft.com/dohnadohna/](https://www.alicesoft.com/dohnadohna/) 紹介ページ / Information: [http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=1101925.html](http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=1101925) 紹介ページ / Information: [https://www.mikocon.com/thread-48999-1-1.html](https://www.mikocon.com/thread-48999-1-1.html) │ [bishoujo](http://bishoujo.moe)

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  • [201127][1101925][ALICESOFT] ドーナドーナ いっしょにわるいことをしよう DL版 (files).rar (3.1 GiB)
Do we need to activate this?
I confirm, it works
Today I'm beating to this... good stuff, the thing only alicesoft can make.
This game UI art reminds me of persona,catherine,akiba's beat and muse dash. I hope there will be more hentai games with jrpg gameplay. The only downside for me is that most of the Alicesoft games are usually contain of rape scene which is very unsettling for me. But it is what it is. I probably going to buy the original copies if i like the game and thansk for the upload
I wonder which game will be the most popular game in next month ranking. I am rooting for the one from Sonora but Alice Soft seems very popular with their Rance series.
@shioko I hope there will be some games made by Illusion company include in the ranking list.
This Illusion https://vndb.org/p1856 ? They haven't make any new games in a few years now.
Do I need something in particular to play this? I'm new to this stuff and the game doesn't work for me.
"use Locale Emulator" or change your "Windows language and locale to Japanese"
Oh so I need that, thank you very much!
@shioko, vndb are not as reliable as they used to be now.... to answer it, there's honey select, honey select 2, koikatsu, AI girl, etc.... these aren't listed in vndb.
Anyone with full save?
@podsiad I found one one 4Chan, it's not 100% but it countain about 75% of the CG, tell me where I can send it to you.
@ImNotOxeis can you upload and share the link? mega or anything will do, have been searching too but no dice. Any link to the 4chan threads anyway?
I'm surprised this is only 3GB. idk if my Japanese is good enough to actually play through so I might need a full save too. This one is worth it just for the art even if a lot of the scenes are garbage.
Any idea how to toggle language? Or is there any English/Chinese language pack available?
@lalaflex https://mega.nz/file/tiwEXarS#5bPtjh8sjel2LP966VbzaeUglCc-XncI-DacBHYmxOE
tarsonis -- use a translate hook, or wait...years for a release from mangagamer. rance bros have been waitin many-many years.
@animaksiat That would be because those games aren't VNs, and VNDB is for VNs only.
any idea on how to translate this thing? kinda new in this stuff
i cant extract the file any idea how to solve dis or am i missing some plugin ?
*correction i can download it but the app wont run pls help
Ah, finished this game, it's really addicting. Note, for those who can't open the game, google up Locale Emulator download it from github, then right click the .exe file, your game should be running properly
will there be an english version to this game?
What are the H-scenes like in this game? Are they animated? Live 2D? Or are they just static images?
Despite countless attempts, having windows' locale set to japan, which i've been using for a while for playing various visuals novels and downloading locale emulator, i still can't run this, regardless of the .exe i try it will always give me 読み込みに失敗しました or the "reading process has failed", along those lines, i know how to read, somewhat, yet it still won't even actually run the game
This looks promising
This looks absolutely amazing, can't wait for a TL