[Nekorotanuki] Tentacle Ninja Ayame is On The Job! (x3200) [FAKKU]

2020-11-21 15:18 UTC
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Yes, This is a reupload from OT like they said [here's](https://i.imgur.com/Mr1iEhg.jpg) the proof.

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  • [Nekorotanuki] Tentacle Ninja Ayame is On The Job! (x3200) [FAKKU].zip (67.6 MiB)
can you stop being autistic and add oppaitime to the title when you reupload their fakku shit to this site because people use RSS and because of you they are auto-dling the same shit
Most of the time OT is late to the release race. I get them elsewhere the majority of the time and upload them.
@MikotoA >Most of the time OT is late to the release race these three torrents were already on OT before you uploaded it here, you didn't get them from anywhere else https://sukebei.nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=Nekorotanuki+x3200 >I get them elsewhere the majority of the time and upload them do you have any idea how stupid you look when you use this lie? fakku torrents are always uploaded to this site or on OT before anywhere else
Why even set autodl for Nyaa? If it's not posted to OT first someone will do it soon enough to claim the bounty.
@sdgfjuyuire https://portal.obtrix.net/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/120/How-to-use-RSS-feeds-in-ruTorrent.html copy the RSS link (any good tracker will have a RSS link) and follow this guide, it'll work the same for any other torrent client. it's the most convenient way to download torrents
@shimakad I'm aware, but I'm asking why set it up for nyaa if you have it set for doujins/tanks on OT already? Every FAKKU release will either release first on OT or make its way there very shortly afterwards. If you want to avoid dupes just don't autodl on nyaa.
yes, why bother visit nyaa if you will get it all at OT like they all claimed?
@shimakad dude, the uploader on OT even acknowledge this upload on nyaa, read the torrent info
Im not invited on OT, So I WaitingOn Nyaa Thanks for uploader
>fakku torrents are always uploaded to this site or on OT before anywhere else Nice meme
thank you uploader. keep it up. dont minds these ice crystal
If most (or all) F's releases will be uploaded to OT like you claimed then why dl them releases from here? You can adjust your Rss filter to exclude F! Releases from this website. Most people don't have access to OT so the uploader assumes that. It's also possible that he bought it himself and because he does not have access to OT (or knew of its existence lmao) he won't really put it "re-uploaded from OT" right? So, based on your logic, if someone ever uploads a F! Release here he'll just put "re-uploaded from OT" even though he bought it himself and it's not even yet uploaded there. [Then a few hours later the bounty will be claimed anonymously :P] Just to appease a very select few who can't delete a duplicate file lmao
@ shimakad Sure kid. There's no other sites then OT or fap. Or maybe you just can't get on the few others that has them. https://imgur.com/a/2cJBnFZ. stay mad..
@MikotoA I don't know why it never occured to me to check over there for doujins. I'm fucking dense. Looks like you've been busy there tho, so I'll take the time to thank you here. You gonna upload that to mai other sekret klub? If you're not already on OT and want an invite to look at a skeleton let me know and I'll pm you. EDIT: Thanks for the UL, you fast as hell.
@MrRaindrop You are beyond retarded and your reading comprehension is quite literally shit and laughable. No one has said that all Fakku torrents on Nyaa are re-uploaded from Oppaitime or anywhere else. What people are saying is that this specific moron who uploaded this and some other Fakku torrents got it from Oppaitime which is true because the timestamps proves it. It’s not possible that he bought any of it because all of his uploads to this site were re-uploaded from OT. So, based on your logic and the fact that you can’t read, says a lot of stupid shit, can’t follow timestamps and don’t understand how RSS works, it’s safe to say that your IQ is anywhere from 50 to 60. @MikotoA Look at this piece of shit right here. Gloating about another tracker that is practically dead. What is that site? it looks like https://animetorrents.me/. Is that it? It is, isn’t it? Ops, was that that site with an average of 50 downloads meant to be a secret?
ah yes. ![alt text](https://cdn.betterttv.net/emote/5e0f96b63267f72103fd3604/3x)
Lol accusing someone of reuploading stuff from OT. He did that to me also XD Haven't been uploading for a while now since I would like to avoid this kind of shit, if anything blame him :P
I for one love this new tradition of sperging out as hard as possible when someone posts fakku content.
@Falvern23456 I've never said that you've done it in your public torrents and I don't think anyone else have said it to you in your public torrents. Here's a link to your public torrents, good luck finding such a comment from anyone in there. Stupid lying cunt. https://sukebei.nyaa.si/user/Falvern23456
Ah your brain is too small to store memories. Let me refresh it a bit. https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3094193 Scroll down a bit and find your stupid accusation. Edit: https://i.imgur.com/t5a6TTT_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
Now you'll accuse me of taking it out of context, am I right? XD
Please dont reupload hurr durr, holy shit the autism
Ultimaonline is OnT and Jewcob falseflagging in this site to piss off uploader/contributor. He accused me as well even when I bought stuffs myself.
@Falvern23456 No, I mistook you for someone else in that comment section at that time. @wolfdale123 No one has ever said that people shouldn’t re-upload from private trackers. If you’re going to lie, you should do a better job at it.
![alt text](https://cdn.betterttv.net/emote/5e0f96b63267f72103fd3604/3x "big brain uploader vs small brain ot user")
@MikotoA cries after seeing books that aren't in nyaa yet cause most of us aren't invited to that sekret club. but damn this section has become a reddit thread haha welp i'll just wait here until some good hearted person decides to share books from the sekret club that aren't in nyaa
they should allow an option to turn the comments off, too many brain dead people in the comments....
Why did you take a camera photo of your Fakku account and why did you crop the picture so that we can't see the scrollbar? It now looks like you're sitting on a lot of stuff that you don't want to release. That's an asshole move.
Demanding someone to share its complete collection is an asshole move
@Andrew_Martin You're a fucking idiot. It's an asshole move to come to a public tracker and say that you've a bunch of stuff that you won't release while downloading what others have shared. Get your head out of your ass, attention whore.