[Rokkaku Yasosuke] I'm Gonna Make You Melt (x3200) [FAKKU]

2020-11-17 00:35 UTC
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PS: if you can see ultima-whatshisname's comments below this torrent then ignore him. He's just going thru his puberty and has hormonal imbalances and can't help but insult people who somehow offended him/disagreed with him (with insults that even a kindergarten can come up with) and projecting himself in the process. I hope that you understand and have a nice day! :D TL;DR he's a troll and don't feed him

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  • [Rokkaku Yasosuke] I'm Gonna Make You Melt (x3200) [FAKKU].zip (407.2 MiB)
Thanks, man! this one is from my favorite artist.
"tHiS iS frOM OT!11!!" cries in 3... 2... 1...
@Andrew_Martin Surprisingly It wasn't this time ;), ty anon uploader.
oh yes of course it's not from OwhTee
but mai OwhTee sekret klub
Andrew_Martin and DarkAngel224 are seething very hard because they had to wait 50 hours in a speshul tracker's IRC to suck some cock while everyone else got it without doing that
Imagine not being able to pass an IRC interview
imagine not wanting or needing to be on OT at the first place
*sToP rEuPlOaD sTuFf FrOm Ot*
Imagine having the need of joining a private trackers just to leech. oh no no no no
Imagine buying some doujins, share them in a somewhat obscure group asking to delay its public release, just to some other member post them at OT not giving credit to the buyer or the group, and the honest people of the group share them some time later here just to be called "OT reuploaders" and "fakes" by the OT groupies, and they won't believe you because apparently they have precognition and they know the "truth"
ikr,calling out someone without concrete evidence is disgusting AF. might as well say thanks no matter who uploaded & bought the book but would be happy to donate if someone from that group has ko-fi or something easy to donate using debit or CC
I dont really get it as well with this secret club mentality, gatekeeping a porn is autistic.
@wdangoo Those aren't safe payment methods because it's traceable and will get people into trouble. Why not just get crypto with debit or CC?
@9010255 As "easy" as crypto has gotten since early Bitcoin there's still a learning curve to it really. Especially with things like ever rising BTC fees making it cumbersome to use as currency and in the case of XMR, as much as I love XMR personally, its UX is dog shit. I understand why they want you to run a full node under I2P/Tor to facilitate better privacy but it's way more of a hassle for your typical man on the street than say, going to a Bitcoin ATM and sending cash to an SPV wallet. And even that will go over most peoples heads. Sure there's things like MyMonero or CakeWallet but again, you're asking some random on the internet to do research so that they can convert their cash to something they probably don't understand/know is safe/know how to use safely so they can send it to people they don't know in the hopes that they'll send back anime tiddies. It's not a small ask.
@9010255 will try that, crypo wallet in this country is pretty much a shit hole so i don't use it, got a friend who lost thousands cause crypto wallet company locked him out of his own account, most people from the community experienced it . that's why they moved to other mediums, it would be easier if they have some 3rd party willing to take the donos
@sdgfjuyuire The transaction fees on Bitcoin and any other crypto are minuscule and unnoticeable. BTC’s transaction fee was as low as 0.5 since June and you get it back after a few minutes because the value of BTC is continuously growing. XMR developers have made, and continues to make, substantial improvements for using remote nodes. Tor/i2p support has been in Monero since early 2020. >to do research so that they can convert their cash to something they probably don’t understand/know is safe/know how to use safely Crypto has been proven to be much more easier to understand and more secure and safer compared to fiat currencies. You have to really try to mess something up with crypto. >send it to people they don’t know in the hopes that they’ll send back anime tiddies. I've only seen one group that accepts crypto and buys and gives away free anime tiddies and they’ve 40+ releases so far. The sad part is that I don’t think anyone is actually donating anything to them because this is a very toxic community filled with pathological liars. You need to provide conclusive evidence before accusing anyone of scams.
@wdangoo Store your coins in your own personal wallet and not on someone's wallet and that won't happen to you or anyone else. It's not a personal wallet if you're not the only one with the private key.
@9010255 It sounds like he's confusing an exchange with a wallet. Either that or they were fucked by a scummy custodial wallet. Either way not your keys not your coins and all that, but it goes to further my point that if you're not in the know like you and I it's not as simple as just picking up some crypto and sending it along.
StOp ReUpLoAdInG Ow Tee Stuuf, I'm tOo RetaRdeD To KnOw WheN Im DowNlOadInG a DuPlIcaTe FiLe
Calling out people without proof only leads to further drama...
@The_Mike you're definitely too retarded because you don't understand how RSS works (actually, you may not even know what it is rofl) which makes sense because you're a whiny zoomer doing the reddit speech
this is pretty funny, a based lad put all of the fakku shit from oppaitime in one large torrent and now we have autistic manchildren like "asSes", "Andrew_Martin", "The_Mike" sperging out and doing the reddit speech because they can't reupload fakku shit from oppaitime one by one anymore (what a pathetic thing to get mad over) gatekeeping porn or anime in general is definitely super cringe and it's very hypocritical btw, asSes is a scammer who lies about sending donations, so make sure you guys don't fall for his shit :)
> Call out gatekeeping > Sides with the mofo who gatekeeps the source of every fakku share in this site. "Only OT has them first! Everyone is reuploading OT stuff!"
@Andrew_Martin Are you an idiot or what? I've read some of your comments and your English is so shit and everything you've written doesn't make any sense. Every Fakku torrent from here isn't from OppaiTime. Do you even know what gatekeeping is? It's when people like you are buying doujins from Fakku and refusing to share it because you don't want to give back to the community even though you've been downloading torrents from here that others have paid for and shared with us. Don't try to deny this, I've seen some of you drop a link to your Fakku account in your comments and brag about this shit. No one has said that reuploading Fakku torrents from OppaiTime should be forbidden. What's annoying is that someone was reuploading Fakku torrents from Oppaitime in a half-assed way so that people with an account on Oppaitime couldn't filter it which caused them to download the same shit. Keep crying, cunt boy. That massive Fakku torrent from OppaiTime won't be going anywhere.
@sbande. Can you at least do some research first before joining the trolling party here. Looks like you dont have any idea whats going on here >because they can’t reupload fakku shit from oppaitime one by one anymore Oh please. i wish uploader dumb a second batch because i dont want to download 1 by 1 either >asSes is a scammer who lies about sending donations, Where the fuck this came from? Lmfao
all of you have autism
Wow 30 comments! Im here just to grab the stuff. :D
Respect+ For Uploader
im just adding comment :)
Me too :D *eats popcorn*
I almost thought it was a Reddit thread.
@asSes research? no need. you are doing ironic shitposting because someone uploaded torrents from your secret club. >Where the fuck this came from? Lmfao it literally came from you lmfao, first comment https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3049446
@SHOOTDALAZERS is that the best prove you can come out with for accusing someone is a sCaMmEr. That disappointing. Its like saying "*when you want to buy something and then decide not to*" s a scam.
@asSes you wrote and published that comment even though you had no intention of sending any money. your shitty excuse and example doesn't add up because you never had any intention to send any money to anyone in the first place. this is why you're a liar and scammer. suck a dick shill.
@shimakad still doesn't prove i scammed anyone. you even trying to assuming what my attention is yet still cant prove anything. LOL How do you know if i never try to sending money or not? how do you know if i never contact the group or not? Are you from that sekret klab? Oh and next time when you want to reply please show me solid prove that im a scammer. Coz im really curious who did i scammed.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/sc9cspvgsfb2yh3/Kuroe_Little_Miss_Debaucherous_x3200_FAKKU.zip/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/cjqkj3mk8loqdli/SOYOSOYO_The_Captive_Cheater_x3200_FAKKU.zip/file please create a torrent for these, thanks and good bye
@asSes >assuming what my attention is nice English rofl >still doesn’t prove i scammed anyone it does, you repeatedly said you sent money when you in fact never did. you're lucky this site doesn't have a search function for comments because no one is going to waste their time to look up all of your shitty comments. >How do you know if i never try to sending money or not? everyone knows that you are lying about it. you even admitted it rofl. people don't need to be a detective or a math scientist to know that you are lying, dumbass.
what the hell is this autism display anyway, being a pirate and asking others not to pirate your pirated release is autistic hypocrisy